Saturday, January 20, 2018

Facebook & better days

Historical Photo:
(Cop chases Skinny dippers early 1900s England)

Facebook serves a great purpose for us. Sherry keeps up with family and friends (actual people she knows). She oooo’s and ahhhhh’s at new family pictures, ESPECIALLY THE NEW ONES, i.e., The great grands, new Great great-grands, and distant nieces and nephews. 

         Maverick and his dog Addy

       Stella and the snow (with a missing front tooth)

                      Rosemary and mother Megan
                        Jude and his mother Jennifer

Sherry has a Nephew (an old guy, in his little 60’s) who globe trots. He works in Saudi now and lives in Kenya (I think). Rick is hard to keep up with. Of course he is a great guy, no question. She reports his doings.

She keeps me up to date on blogger friends who have defected (LOL). Ora, who surgery is delayed. Our old friends from past life, like Willeree who just had surgery. Sherry is a born match-maker. She hoped Willeree’s daughter would hook up with our son. Since both our sons are divorced and single. She still wants them to have a mate to share their life. (Of course I share that thought!) She will never stop shopping. BTW, most she has picked out have married someone and are living their lives without US!

Note: on ‘My Bad hair day’, I forgot to mention we had word from back home. The house that Granddaughter rents from us back in NC, lost its furnace during the latest deep freeze. Replacement estimate $6800. SO it was a ‘REAL’ bad day.

BUT life is still good. Nephew Steve can replace the Heat/A/C unit for a little over half that. Our slide-out is fixed, the engine is running well, My arm doesn’t hurt and me ‘n Janie made up & she kissed me. She got on the couch and of course her ‘partner’ Sherry said it was OK. Dr. sent UPS postage  via e-mail and said no problem, send me the hearing device will repair it.

OK confession time......  I added to the Bad Hair day. During all that mess I didn’t’ mention the worst thing, my big mouth (See PS below). I smarted off to my sweetheart, I did ask forgiveness and like the sweetie she is, she forgave me and kissed me much better than Janie.

LIFE IS GOOD, SO ALL IS WELL IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD, EVEN THE WEATHER! Especially with my girl. She is on the phone with Evelyn now, solving the world's problems.
Nite Shipslog
PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little                              sarcasm……
Generally speaking, you aren't learning much when your lips are moving.

Carl Brisson behind the wheel of his 1934
Isotta Frascnini


Chatty Crone said...

Ha - I don't think you can learn or hear anything if your mouth is going. Glad Sherry forgave you - I am not surprised. And I am glad you don't have to pay $6,800 for a new system! YIKES!


glad you're getting a discount on your furnace. that 6800 would have hurt a bit for sure.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved seeing all the photos. I don't do much on FB except keep up with my family and get lots of pictures too. It's nice to hear about old blogger friends too, but I'm not a fan of FB so will rely on you to pass on that news.
Glad you are forgiven and that the furnace can be done by your nephew. One thing about having a house is that there is always something to be done.

Lisa said...

Im a facebook addict. I need to stay off of it so much. I like seeing funny stuff. I like to keep up with the daily specials from my favorite resteraunts and see whats happening in other parts of the world. My church does facebook live on Sunday mornings for those that dont come to church. It can bee a good tool or it can be a bad thing. It normally hide and ignore those that are negative on there.
Im glad your bad day ended. We all have them. Im glad Sherry forgave you. She is a wonderful woman. Im sure she understood your frustration.
Happy Sunday

Mevely317 said...

Exactly what Lisa said! Before I read (her comment), I was going to write. "Sherry knew, that wasn't you ... it was your frustration speaking."

Love seeing photos of family and friends (and their fur babies) on Facebook the best. (Does Maverick look just like his daddy, or am I imagining things?) I, too, spend far too much time on Facebook but it's basically harmless entertainment.

Rick Watson said...

Keeping up with the folks you love is the best part of FB. Sometimes it drives me crazy and I say I'm going to get off but then I'd miss seeing the younguns.

Dar said...

I only miss FB for the family photos but the rest, Not. Love your family pics and are the little ones growing fast. Love that Janie takes a backseat to Sherry in the kissing dept....or you'd be back in the doghouse. Sherry's the best., but then you know that better than anyone. Glad you got everything up and running again and that your hearing aide can be repaired. I understand fully how it is to not hear.
love n' hugs from up north where a nasty storm is brewing....the birds are having a feeding frenzy. Stay warm, snuggle and watch for sunshine.