Friday, January 5, 2018

Orlando and Friends

Historical Photo:
 West Center Street, Anaheim, CA. 1887, Where Disney Land lives today!
We are back in Orlando. We left the 1/10 Acre farm over in Deltona. I was a little shocked that one slide-out on the motor home would not seat properly. I went outside and Sherry let it back out and a ton of ice about ½” thick fell of the top before it settled in. I was a little surprised.
My veggie crop looked a little helpless. I gathered the green crop (one 2” tomato) to let it ripen. I think the banana trees are gone and I think the pineapple crop is lost too.  So much for my truck farming. LOL
Before leaving I found one of my lizards, George I think, I picked him up to ask if he wanted to go to Orlando, he said, “#^^*^&*=  &$*>  *&^ &*?” which I interpreted to mean, “SSSSure, that is south, right?” George cannot move fast when he is cold or I could not have picked him up. So I warmed him up, he smiled and I put him back in the compartment.
We are here to meet Dallas and Marion. He says we met in 1956, but not true! I was in diapers then. Anyway they got caught in Lisa’s “Eclipse bomb or Bombogenesis (I had never seen the term until yesterday!). No matter they wuzant here. When Sherry talked to them yesterday they  were stranded in SC on I-95 going 20 mph.  That is tough on Dallas he has driven race cars.
They arrived today in spite of the snow, ice and the boon doggle thing, plus the road construction in Orlando. Dallas is here and Marion looks great, LOL.  With over a thousand sites here, they are about the same distance away as when we were young marrieds. We are neighbors again.


If I am not mistaken that RV is a little bigger than the one they started house keeping in 1956!
Sherry rewarded them for their efforts with Lasagna for supper (or lunch, or dinner). LOL

Oh yeah, I received an e-mail from Lisa attaching an article telling of Iguanas freezing and falling out of trees down near Miami. Cold affects reptiles that is for sure.

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PS: Friend Buddy sent me some good advice and a little sarcasm……                                                                                       
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire.
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1938 Jag in Charlotte, NC


Lisa said...

Im glad you escaped the “whatever its called!” Hahaha.
Yum! lasagna sounds good right about now. I married an Italian that rarely cooks anything Italian. But he does make a good lasagna.
Stay safe out there and keep George warm so he can tell his story.

Glenda said...

We have become so accustomed to moderate winter weather, wow! It's cold around Lake Okeechobee!!! Hoping a warming trend is on the way for your visit, be safe out there.

Chatty Crone said...

You are surprised the ice fell out?
Glad your friends got there safe.
As soon as I got off here I was going to send you the same article!
Stay warm. sandie

Mevely317 said...

Not fair, Jack! You've ice on the slide-out and I'm running my car's air conditioner. Mother Nature must hate Phoenix.

You seriously touched my heart by inviting George along for the ride. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You do have many friends to visit with it seems. Nice to have them as neighbors at least for a little while. Very unusual weather we've all been having. Rarely does it get as cold as it has been here in January and stay that way for more than a day or two. I heard another new word today which is wintermission, what I would call the January thaw in days gone by. It looks like one is coming our way next week. We are all tired of this cold cold weather for sure and winter still has a long way to go.

Dar said...

I believe it's been below, like 'way below ' zero up north for a month already. This morning we woke to minus-22's the winds that make it twice as bad. I've been keeping the feeders full for the birds with all kinds of treats to keep them fed and warm....nine feeders every other day. So nice of you to let George tag along. I'm sure he appreciates it.
love n' hugs from up north...........stay warm and de-iced!

Woody said...

I didn't know you coulp pick up those lizards when it got cold, It is bitter and dangerous up here in Northern New York, I did go outside to pick up food for our neighbor who does not drive or have a vehicle, it was very bitter and I wore my mask ! So far we have had 35 below and with the wind chill the Adirondack Mountains have recorded a 72 below zero near the Vermont border was also bitter cold ! Stay Warm, Love you 2 and your adventures, take care, Gary