Friday, January 26, 2018

Heating and A/C update

Historical Photo:

  The only Female to Strike out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Jackie Mitchell 1931.

Now our update, written last night.....
Report on our remove and replace Heat and A/C. Our granddaughter’s home now has a new system. Steve our nephew, the son of my best friend ever, Sonny, got it replaced for $4200. The next best estimate was approaching $7,000.  Steve is a very hard  worker. He works about as much off the job as on the job.This is a ‘side job’, so he can get things done more reasonable using men who also hold down full time jobs in other fields.

Most of us ‘handy men’ or ‘do it yourselfers’ have done the same. The job is professional, not a shabby job.

Payment is complicated (from a distance), because the men who do this kind of work need their money, ‘when the job is complete.’(now). We have a sweet ex-daughter in law that we love dearly, Corinne (we still consider her a daughter). She wrote them a check for the job and we reimbursed her via priority mail with a little extra for saving us a lot of trouble and cost in overnight-ing a check.

Our lifestyle does present some challenges, but not enough to make us quit. We are sorta addicted to the Gypsy life.

 A few minutes ago I tucked my girl in. Lots of benefits to this life.

 Now I look back and see my girl sleep reading. I will sit here and work on a book or two, knowing life is good. Living in this close quarters is such a pleasure; great for an old man who still thinks he can be a lover. LOL Note: She probably thinks different, but she hasn’t told me yet!

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PS: Cousin Tony sent some little known facts about the USA:
The word 'Pennsylvania' is misspelled on the Liberty Bell.

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 Tyrone Power owned a lot of cars. This is him with his Deucenberg.


Glenda said...

Here you are settled in, with the knowledge your NC girls are cozy as your sidekick. You two are some kinda special grands!!!

Chatty Crone said...

You know why you and Sherry are so happy and healthy - you think you are!

Mevely317 said...

Smiling my way all through this post, Jack!

This morning at first light a contractor Tom's known for years was at our place to remove the old and put down new carpeting. Mid-morning I went to the bank and returned with an envelope of cash. Man, you should've seen Freddy's eyes light up.
If he reports it, heck. That's between he and the IRS ... but anytime I can help a hard-working small businessman is a good day.

PS - Love that y'all still maintain a loving relationship with Corinne.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even with the cost being cut by using your nephew to do the job that still is a huge chunk of cash to put out. Maintaining a home isn't cheap at all. Glad you had someone there to help with the cash flow. You all are enjoying a wonderful life together and especially so in close quarters !

Dar said...

"MA" hit it on the nail head about home ownership. It can get pricey and ya never know when with some maintenance. I'm so glad Bill knows all about just about anything. He's so much like you and your talents. Well, the driveways and yards here and at the cabin are finally cleared. Bill was surprised at how long it took to push those drifts...but only got stuck once. Phew! Onward to another project. hmmm
love n' hugs from up north in our beautiful weather


glad you got the furnance fixed for a reduced rate.