Sunday, March 25, 2018

Arkansas, Little Rock Motel

Historical Photo:
       Springdale, Arkansas 1820

 (Some pictures from the internet)
The next Arkansas incident years later was in Little Rock. This time with the Sherry’s older sister Lennie and hubby Elmer. I can’t even remember where we were going. But we found a motel with adjoining rooms. Sherry and I were in the bed when we heard Lennie Screaming, “He is going to kill Elmer!”   
(Elmer and Lennie inside the motel before the excitement!)

Unknown to us, Elmer had gone out to get a snack out of the car trunk when a dude in a hoodie walked up with a gun. Lennie was watching from the window and yelled. By the time I got my pants on and got out the door Elmer was chasing the guy down the parking lot. The guy being younger had out-run Elmer.
“What happened?” I asked when he got back to the car.
“Stupid kid said he wanted my money or he would kill me. I told him to get out of here or I would make him eat that gun.”
My retort, “Elmer you are crazy!”
To be honest, Elmer was an old man then, probably mid-50s (LOL). He didn’t look it, but pound for pound he was the strongest man I ever knew, other than my dad. However, no man is stronger than a bullet. But it made a good story for years to come. It did not ingratiate us to Arkansas and especially to Little Rock, and Elmer is a Democrat! (LOL)

(White River, North Arkansas, Ozarks)
In my mind I see the Ozarks and country/hill folk when I hear the name Arkansas. I read once where it was actually breaking a state law with a fine to pronounce the state name “R-Kansas”, sure appears it should be said that way.  LOL
I only have one more tale of Arkansas. 
(Waterfall in the Ozarks)

Once I volunteered to travel and work for churches and non profits. We were in Maine and I received an e-mail asking if I would consider coming to Arkansas to replace a bathroom in an old parsonage now their AA meeting house.The preacher added, “We are pretty far out, and there is no place near to park an RV with normal hookups.”
Last Arkansas post tomorrow!
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Arkansas Facts:
  1. Sam Walton founded his Wal-Mart stores in Bentonville.
  2. Arkansas became the 25th state on June 15, 1836.
  3. Alma claims to be the Spinach Capital of the World.
  4. Little River County Courthouse is world famous for it's Christmas lights display.
  5. General Douglas MacArthur, soldier and statesman, was born in Little Rock in 1880.
 (I think Mac was the only thing I disagreed with my dad on, I thought Truman was right, Dad thought Mac was right!) We both agreed he was a great General.

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Glenda said...

Those water photos are wonderful, takes me back to the 80s when I lived in the MO bootheel and floated the Current River; west of Poplar Bluff it flows into northeastern Arkansas where it becomes a tributary of the Black River, which is a tributary of the White River, a tributary of the Mississippi River. Good memories (and Wikipedia)
Love the Elmer story!!!

Chatty Crone said...

They do have some beautiful scenery there don't they? And what in the world was ELmer thinking - if he did that today - he would have been shot - glad he was okay!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess that motel experience didn't keep you from going back to Arkansas. The Ozark's are beautiful and the waterfall is awesome. I'll be looking forward to reading more. Its a wet rainy day here but warmer in the 50's. Spring has taken it's time coming to Ohio.


Elmer was lucky to be alive following that experience. lovely countryside there, though.