Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Just stuff and the Death of a hero!

Family Historical Photo:
(Pictures taken from Sherece's FB)

 Meet Hendricks, the family knew him as Henny!
Time off was good for me. I appreciate all the good thing you ‘thought’ about me. LOL.

I have never been a blogger that could take a ‘subject’ and fly with it for a year. I admire you that can. I have always been sporadic with subjects sometimes off the wall. I had this Great idea of a blog about each state we have visited. I learned quickly I am too ‘long winded’ so it was several entries with the first two states.
I am a strange duck, I can read a 2000 word blog entry if is on a subject that interests me. To my ‘sorrow’ I had to learn the hard way I was too long winded 'myownself.' Many times going over 2000 words. Shucks a chapter in one of my books is around 2000 words. A niece made a comment and hurt my feelings, “Uncle Jack is too wordy and I cannot read his blog.”  She was right!! Once I started noting that I enjoyed reading personal blogs from 100 to 500 words, 1000 if exceptiomally interesting. BUT I realized I needed to shorten mine.  My goal now is 300 words but I am usually 400+.

I said all that to say. It is good to be back and I still want to go down the list of states, but scatter them with non-seneschal stuff such as this.

I plan to continue a Historical picture, because I like them. I still have a lot on my plate, but hope to get back into the swing of an entry a day.

 The death of a hero…. (serious part)
                 (Henny and his buddy Layla)

  His name was Hendricks, he was lovingly known as Henny. He was a rescued dog. Grew to be tall and lanky. Henny had sort of a sad look, but he was loved ‘to death’. He was Sherece’s dog, she rescued him, he became her HERO.
He has been around for over 11 years. From Stella’s birth he has been a constant companion. Then he became her Hero  also then protector and friend.
He will be missed forever.

When home, at times, I would let him and Layla out for their business. 

Henny always came over for a talk and petting. When being petted he would sometimes flash a smile. 

The dude knew he was loved.  I still remember my first dog.  Stella will ALWAYS remember Henny.
Rest easy old boy, you did a fine job. You were Stella’s hero. (Along with Sherece and other family members.) Yeah Sherry and I loved you also!

Nite Shipslog

 This is a 1937 Ford. It was new when Evelyn was born. Just a note: Evelyn sent me an e-mail saying my break was up!  Just sayin'


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am glad your break is up! You were missed and I never think you are too wordy. May the Hero rest in peace. He did a fine job and I know he will be missed.

Chatty Crone said...

I missed you too, but I was trying to respect your break - I was worried someone had passed away. I am sorry it was sweet Henry. I agree with you on blogs - I never thought yours was too long - but some are so long and I love the person - just can't get into reading it all. I am glad your back. sandie

Dar said...

Welcome back. You Were missed, dear friends. Sad to loose a faithful friend such as Henny. I remember too many sad moments such as your families loss.
As for your entries, I've never thought of your very interesting messages as being too long on words. Welcome back to this part of your day. Enjoy today as there's sweetness in it somewhere.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun shines bright and the air's just right.

Rain said...

Oh...what a beautiful tribute to Henny. It's so sad to lose a hero like that. My pugs were my heros too. I still really miss them lots. But now we have 5 dogs and 3 cats and they are my new heros! :) Glad to see you back Jack! :) I would love to read about all of the States you visited!!

Lisa said...

Some stuff is better than no stuff. Im glad you back on the blog train.
I prefer short reads unless its interesting. I love your stories. So keep on doing what you do. Ill keep readin.

Sorry to hear about Henny. It made me feel better knowing you knew he knew he was loved.



so sorry to hear about henry. god bless his soul. poor stella will be heartbroken.