Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Old folk and Those Doctor’s visits

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For today:
Our lives for the past few weeks have reverted back to Doctor’s appointments. Earlier this year I had a deep skin cancer removed. All is well with that. Then bless goodness Sherry was blessed with a couple that NEEDED to be taken care of. So a few weeks ago she had spots removed, one on the edge of her nose, eye and forehead. Two were skin cancer.  I know there are different names, but I cannot remember them.

She survived those with  very little trouble.  Well it was not without a little concern, WOMEN’s concern. It looked like one eye brow was going to be much higher than the other. She never said it, but I could see it, 'this is terrible.' I figured it would even out and SHE HOPED SO! Thank goodness it has and she is pretty as ever.

But then one popped up a little below her knee. In the shin bone area which required operating room surgery.  She is recovering from that, and this one I am having a little trouble with her. She wants to do too much. This one has caused her some discomfort (pain).  She does not like pain pills, but like it or not she has taken a couple pain pills. At present she is okay.

The doctor said he got all of this one, but for her to take it easy. He would see her again on Nov. 6th. THAT IS HER BIRTHDAY! Of course we only expect good news and Sherry is anxious to see what the results are.

So about the time we usually head for Florida, we are awaiting her Doctor's release with a.... ‘go thy way and sin no more!’

We have been very fortunate she nor I have  had to handle ‘life threatening’ physical problems.  The last few years I had the Cochlear Implants and a small skin cancer surgery. Now she with the present things. We are hoping and thinking we are now good to go. No bragging just very positive about our next few years, hopefully a lot on the road.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'll be praying it is good news for Sherry and you all can be on your way. It's hard when someone as active is she is to sit and take it easy, but rest is the best way we heal. It's always good to be on the road to recovery, tell her just be patient and get well. Love and hugs from Ohio.

Mevely317 said...

Color me, praying -- and expecting a great outcome for the BOTH of y'all! I don't know why so many 'seenagers' are unwitting targets for skin cancer. But I'm so thankful for modern medical techniques that fight right back. (With vim and vigor, like JFK used to say.)

betty said...

I'm expecting nothing but good news from your doctor's appt tomorrow, Sherry, but will say a prayer. Then when you hear the good news, you'll have an extra birthday celebration! Jack and Sherry, you have been incredibly blessed to be so "healthy" at your ages. I told you this before but in my former life, I used to type reports of 50 year olds in nursing homes with a long list of diagnoses and a longer list of medications. Indeed to have great health in your 80s is indeed a blessing!


Susan Kane said...

I will be praying for you all. I promise.

Skin cancer is a sneaky one. They can be on the back, wherever someone doesn't see. God bless you both.

My blog post is about a different time when meds were strange.

yaya said...

Prayers that all reports will great and you can be Florida bound...with sunscreen! I work in surgery and see folks of all ages and sometimes I see 40yr olds that look 70 and folks like you and Sherry who look and act 40! Hugs to you both!

Lisa said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear she got a place on her leg. I am so glad they got all though.

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