Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Shorty Thompson, US Marshal

Early interesting Cars:
  Talk about a custom car!

Now today:
I enjoy a good western novel, or ‘Cowboy Book.’ I stumbled on to a new western hero, Shorty Thompson, written by Paul Thompson. I prefer a print and paper book, but presently I am enjoying the 99 cent e-books from Amazon.

I have bought and read 22 of these suckers. I have been averaging about 1 every 2 days. His books take some unique turns, they are just plain entertaining, to a boy who wanted to be a cowboy. I guess it is too late at 80, but I can still dream . LOL The books are mostly set in Arizona but wander into the adjoining states. He uses the names of the towns and cities in the late 1800s. I smile when I read of a town we have spent time in.

Several of his heroes are young girls and women.  I enjoyed one especially where the bad guys killed the woman’s husband and one of her children. He wove a good story of her learning skills so she avenge the deaths of her family members.  She does that, then returns to her remaining children to successfully run a ranch. I love it when the good guy wins, even if she is a woman!

The moral of that story was: don’t ever make a mama real mad!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you found some cheap entertainment. Hours of fun without spending much. I even get some of Amazon's free books, even better. Reading is fun and one of the best things I like to do. I like the ones with happy endings.

Mevely317 said...

Isn't it fun when an author cites spaces and places you've been? One of Tom's and my favorite authors (J. A. Jance) features a protagonist who's a female sheriff in and around Bisbee, Arizona. Another owns a detective firm in Sedona. She (the author) actually used to live in Phoenix and now divides her time between Tucson and the Seattle area. We've had occasion to meet her on a couple occasions … neat lady.

betty said...

Sounds like an interesting author! Will have to check him out. I've been reading a lot on our library's digital e-books. They had a fascinating article about why sometimes there is a waiting list for an e-book. I didn't know this, but for libraries, the cost of purchasing an e-book is double of what it costs for a bound book. And in some cases they have to renew the purchase after 24 months for an e-book! To me it sounds like it would be the other way around that they would be less expensive. And the same things apply to the e-books checked out. You only get to keep them for 2 weeks and can only check out 10 at a time for the 2 week period.


Chatty Crone said...

I have seen many a mama bear in my time.
Love that car!

Dar said...

Yes Sir, you can still dream Cowboy!!! Now Gittiup!!! Always a fun read coming here. Go Mamas!
love n' hugs from up north where it's warmed into the 40's, the snow cover is melting and that's fine with me. Have another great e-read while my men are getting hyped up for deer rifle season. I hope to get the canner boiling if they have a good harvest.

Susan Kane said...

Arizona in winter must be beautiful. A strong woman hero can really kick butt in some books!

Powdered Toast Man said...

Is that care for sale?

New follower.