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Jobs, occupations and careers.  I am sure there are good definitions for each, but most of my friends use the term my job!
I have probably related this before but once out by a campfire in California with other RV’rs the subject of education came up. Across the fire one lady told of their daughter who was very happy in the Bahamas as a waitress. Her husband added a PS to that, “BUT I sure wish she had known that before we paid for her college education including a Master’s Degree in science.”

We all got a good laugh out of that but knew it was no joke. Methinks some folk stay at a job, HOPING this is it.

But within our own family there are young folk with a degree and teacher’s certificate waiting tables in the Waffle House.

I have a friend who has experience in installing huge incinerators in cities for trash, operating and repairing heavy equipment all very well paying jobs. He found his ‘nitch’ raising chickens.

Dallas went thru many ‘occupations’ until he found he loved Bloodhounds and raising turkeys. He pursued both at the same time.

When leaving my ship in the USN, the skipper asked me if I would stay another year.  Only if I can bring my wife aboard sir. Was my reply. I did love the Navy, but when I took to driving nails, I had found my true love. I was in my 40s before I KNEW that was my real love, building a house.

I don’t know if there is a trick, ‘hack’ or secret that would allow one to KNOW at 18 yrs of age, what their life’s fun-job is, but that is the key to a satisfied life, methinks. To be happy at what you do and still make a living until the end.

The retire to fish, read, volunteer, golf (if u can afford it), visit or travel. Some folk even want to travel.

Actually we have taken several cruises now. They seem cost effective for a vacation. A place to sleep, eat well, snack well and travel. Many times at less than $50 a day.  Nice if you love the sea, and I do. 

I have heard of people who retired aboard a cruise ship, and stayed there.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There used to be a joke going around that it would actually be cheaper to retire on a cruise ship than in a retirement home. Still I like having my own place. It may be more expensive in the long run, but I like having a place of my own to lay my head. It often does take more than one try to find out the best job for you. One of my sons tried out several degrees before graduating from college. Took him 5 years, but he finally graduated and got a job in the field he settled on. Sad but true some cannot get a job in their field and wind up working as waitresses and such in order to make a living. But things change and who knows what might be around the corner. The thing is you cannot give up.

Susie said...

Jack, I thought you had served in the Navy...but your previous post said you had joined the Marines. LOL. you changed service groups? So you are a Jack of all trades. LOL Sorry could not help myself. I love that you build houses. MY father was a carpenter. The daughter I told you that's in sales, graduated Summa Cum Laude . Three of my girls graduated college. Karen just didn't like school so much. But loves working and absolutely hates laziness. LOL. I am proud of my daughters' work ethics. I would love to cruise every year. Love the big ships. I also love flight. I think sometimes we make a living not doing what we truly love to do. You seem to have done many wonderful things and enjoy your retirement time. Kudos. Blessings to you and your wife, xoxo, Susie

betty said...

I too think it is good to be working in a field you enjoy even if it is not the one you trained for. Up until a few years ago I loved the field I was in. Of course so many changes of it over the years that it wasn't the original field I got into. Time is too short to work in something you hate year after year after year especially if you are young and willing take risks,


Mevely317 said...

I'm chuckling about the daughter who's using her advanced degrees to wait tables! … but I'm sure it wasn't funny to her parents who bankrolled that education!
I meant to tell you on yesterday's post, my favorite co-worker/Funeral Director said he always 'knew' that's what he wanted to be when he grew up; like it was a calling, like the ministry.

Cruising used to be my absolute passion. But these mega-ships and (seeming) informality are sort of a turn-off. The two (3?) ships which still offer personalized 'white glove' service and gourmet meals' prices are so insanely high. And, they don't even advertise. Tom's take on that was, "Honey, even if we could afford it, what on earth would you have to talk about to those other passengers?"

Woody said...

It seems I always wanted to be a Policeman, maybe because I "around" so many while growing up ! Well, anyway, I did it, today I would not encourage anyone to go into Law Enforcement ! My Opinion, You 2 stay warm, We have Snow forecast for tonight !!! Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

I'm in a career that I never would have done...didn't ever imagine when in high school that I would stand at the operating room table and assist in surgery for over 40yrs! It was a fluke that I ended up there but sometimes God places you in just the right spot. I'm going to retire next year in July but yesterday my boss asked if I didn't retire would I consider working call, no God at work again? We'll see! I'm glad you found your niche and I always told our kids that we didn't care what they did for a living as long as they loved it and it wasn't illegal!

Rick Watson said...

One of the questions I always ask when I interview people is: what are you going to do when you grow up?
It it usually gets a chuckle, but some of the answers are profound.

Lisa said...

I notice most people are not doing anything they went to school to learn. I think people that become doctors and lawyers or even law enforcement is just in their blood. That is what they are born and raised to do by fathers or mothers that did the same career.

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