Monday, November 11, 2019

Those that served

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I spent one fourth of my life in Military (USMC,USAF & USN) of course I know a lot of Veterans. We haven’t stayed in contact with many. RD Fletcher is still a close friend from the Corps. George Coleman and George Matheny from the AF. Dan Doughton, Steve Schmidt, Les Maifield, Jim Proffitt and my friend Frank Malanowski, with whom we renewed an acquaintance with last year. USN.
I served with some very good guys, some were heroes, all were dedicated. There was Fred Brannen, Harry & Jim of the CoastGuard. . My life was made better for knowing those guys.

Of my close childhood friends Buddy Sansbury, Jim Page & Newt Hicks joined the service. But as a guy who loved the military life I also have friends from my childhood that I admired. Those that served in WWII. Top was my brothers Odis and Jr.  Junior was my USN hero who as a gunners mate was a decorated hero. Also his sons Ted and Joe served.  Ted (USMC) served in combat honorable in Nam. Uncles and cousins in mass served WWII & Korea. The Herron boys Billy, Jimmy and Eddie all served. There was Heisure, Hershall, Roy and Fred.. There were a bunch of Fulbrights (Harold, Fred Jr. et al). Sherry’s brothers always amazed me. Lefty Harris was wounded on Iwo Jima and Vernon served three full tours in Vietnam.  Both highly decorated heroes of mine.  Shirley’s hubby Jim Wrape & BIL Elmer Davidson both USA.

Those  vets admired by their sons, and followed their example, here are some that come to mind: Armond Wrape(USN), Rickie Harris (USA,USN), Howard D. Darnell (USN) and Henry Harbinson (USMC)

Then those friends close and afar Heroes all: Chaplain Mixon, Rick, Woody, Claude Setzer, 'Conrads, Kenneth and Harry'. Grover of Opp, Mel Lieck of San Antonio, Tom of Alabama. More and more come to mind I know I have missed a bunch, it would be absolutely impossible to name them all.

Close Belmont friends Ed Huggins, Don Funderburk, Jims Arp & Conrad.

The above listed Veterans I am proud to know. There are hundreds more I served with and am grateful to have known them. I knew many vets who became Grandpas. I even know Susan K’s grandpa now,  he was also a veteran of the great war, and YAYA's dad who served but passed at 56, too young.  God bless those memories!

BUT, but there are people forgotten at times in the rush of today. The families, girlfriends, loved ones who many times were left behind to handle kids, bills, moves, grocery shopping, colds, broken bones, school activities, etc. My honor goes to them for their love and patience.  For the Support, letters, phone calls, and the tears of love and frustration.  THIS day brings so many memories.

      HAPPY VETERAN’S DAY, Hug one!

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Lisa said...

Thank you Jack for your service.

Love ya

yaya said...

Thanks Jack for your service! Big hug from Ohio!

betty said...

Grateful for all veterans and all currently serving! Thank you Jack and Sherry for your service!


Mevely317 said...

Thank you Jack, not only for your service … but this heartfelt tribute to your family and friends. And not last - nor least, Sherry's support! Proud to be an American!


HAPPY VETERANS DAY. thanks for your service to this country.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you Jack and all those many mentioned and not mentioned today as they serve our country. Heros all! Thank you !

bobbie said...

Military brat & wife here ~ I hope you have a great veterans Day!!
Thank you for your service ~

Susie said...

Thank you Jack for your service and all you mentioned . You sure did your share and then some for our country. Blessings to you and all the vets, xoxo, Susie.

Chatty Crone said...

Thanks to all who have served our country and sacrificed for us and for your service three times.

Glenda said...

As the stone on Dad's grave states, The Land of the FREE, because of the brave." Thank you for a touching tribute to those you've known as family and fellow vets. Thanks to Sherry for hanging through some tough times, we know she missed you :) Love from Chobee, Glenda

Rick Watson said...

This past week, a great niece and a great nephew invited me to be “their” veteran at ceremonies where they go to school.
It was a humbling experience.