Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Bad news and some Bad news. LOL

   Silly Autos with teeth new and old.

For today (Wednesday):
Now for the bad news, Smile! We never received any repayment from the nice stranded Airline Pilot a few weeks ago. I know you are surprised. My teeth may not be good, but my Hindsight is great!

I just lost a tooth filling and went to a local dentist; after looking at the x-rays, the young dentist said I needed a root canal and crown. . Looking at the x-ray, I did not doubt I needed the work done. My first question was, what will that cost? Professionals like Drs. do not discuss finances, so she referred me to an assistant.

 You would be naive if you thought this tool box sold for $862.99

Side track…. I have noticed over the past 20 years professionals have learned from manufacturers. I remember years ago the idea of ‘Sticker Shock’ was used by manufacturers on tools. i.e. A set of tools would have a price of $99.95 printed on the box. It was never meant to sell for that amount because it was overpriced. Then the retailer would put them in a bin with a sign:  “WAS $99.95 reduced to $49.95.” It made the wannabe mechanic feel good at such a deal.

Now back to my dentist assistant (very sweet lady). She showed me a price of $2,750, BUT since I had no insurance, they would cut part of that and the final cost to me would be only $1600.  So of course the price sounded much better. AYEEEE!

I am always shocked at the cost of dental work.  I donj’t know how much more I need, but I do not plan to have any more dental problems until I am in the TEXMEX area….. 

How does that sound? Sounds like a quote of Minnie Pearl’s, “Want to make God smile, tell him your plans.”

This is a cute dentist, but not as cute as our Dentist in Mexico!

So this morning as some of you read this, I will be enjoying a root canal! I know you are envious!
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PS I checked the average price of The dental work and the last price is in the neighborhood of the average in this area.    I'm good with it, since they could schedule me in a day, the entire office staff were VERY NICE!                 


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I don't like to go to the dentist - but they are necessary evils I guess. Good luck with you root canal - and what a deal! lol

Lisa said...

I broke a tooth last month. It being a noticeable one, I could not get out cheep by telling them to just pull it. Instead, I was forced to get a crown. I do not have insurance (or money) and the charge was 1384.00. Crazy! Of course I had to use Nicks wallet for that one.
I suppose to go for a cleaning this month but plan to cancel until I can find work to reload my banking account.

Dont expect any money for the self claimed Pilot. He was just a panhandler with a good line. You were the good guy and it will come back to you in other ways.

Stay sweet

Dar said...

Good luck with that root canal. My lil sis had one and it turned her tooth gray. Another sis thought about it but declined. My dear man said, " Pull it." so without insurance, I'd wait til I ate TexMex again and then cry and complain about my ache, do like my mama always says, " there's a pill for that..." LOL. I know tooth pain is an unwanted misery but in our case, it all depends on how deep our pockets are.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun shines bright on our day as Bill plows paths making way for tapping maple trees and I Finally have my last therapy for my neck. Life is good.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Any dentistry is expensive. I need to call and make an appointment for me, but it isn't bothering me so I've decided to put if off. If it doesn't hurt, it can wait as far as I'm concerned . I may be sorry later. . We'll see.

yaya said...

I just had a root canal and crown. I have insurance but frankly with what I paid I should have a castle to go with that crown!

Jean said...

Jack you should have told the guy you wanted to take his picture are better yet took one with your phone and posted it all over face book. You are one great guy. I hope by now you are through with your root canal the price sounds high I had one years ago, and it took more than one trip to get the crown but was nothing like your price. Raining again here in Opp, take care, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

I've never 'enjoyed' a root canal, but that cost is sobering, indeed. Your situation's understandable -- but like Ma, I'd be inclined to takes my chances.
Reminds me of a successful-but-uninsured entrepreneur in Clearwater. When his child was due to be delivered, the hospital quoted them one price. But, when he said he'd be paying cash their tune sure changed!

Hope you're feeling some better this evening!

Woody said...

Root Canals are not fun, had 2 of them, 1 in front, one on Molar, when root canal tooth broke, a "Crown" to fix the tooth was around $2500 dollars, I went to my Wifes Dentist, Tooth extracted( Ouch) for $185.00 and no further problems ! I Hope ! Hoping there is not too much Pain !!!! You are Blessed with a Great Woman to take care of you, Like I am !!! Take care, Love and warm wishs from the North, Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

Hopefully you did well at the dentist with the root canal!! It is interesting how they discount things, isn't it?? So it makes you wonder that they overcharge the insurance and that's why insurance rates keep going up!