Sunday, March 22, 2020

How is THIS Pandemic effecting you?

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Ambulance from 1918 Pandemic

For today (Sunday):
UPDATE: Cousin Eddie (with the Corona-virus) is not improving, still in an induced coma and vented. His wife gave permission today to try an experiment with an injection for e-boli. Prayers please.

We are blessed and very fortunate. This is an inconvenience to us more than a tragic thing.  BUT to our families and those of you who are/were working a 40 hour week I can imagine it can devastate.

I can definitely remember when missing a day without pay would be tough for us. Son Jack is in the courier business and is spending much of his time moving medical traffic from hospitals to labs. Evidently a fever is a bad sign; his temp it taken at every hospital and lab before he is allowed to enter.

The Grands are affected. School is out for at least two weeks. Granddaughter Sherece WAS beginning a new job this week, but was called and her reporting date set two week later. Since we were possibly exposed we are keeping a distance. Matt is working at home and Luke’s schedule is modified at the airport.

Haven’t heard how the music store in Knoxville is going for Stephen. The other twin, Joshua and wife Megan with are traveling and visiting. Not sure if he is working on the road or not.

Hoping all is well with the grands in Utah and Oregon. They are worried about us ‘old folk’ (but we don’t think we are old, or do we?). Let me tell you, OLD AGE is a confusing part of life. WE really don’t know we are old until something goes wrong, THEN WE KNOW IT but lie to ourselves a bit.

BUT the good news is SPRING has SPRUNG (AS TarryT said), and nature doesn’t know about a pandemic so she fills our world with blooms, buds, beauty, greenery and her sweet warm breath. The Feral, Ms Stormy D, is big as a barrel. She doesn’t know we have a serious problem; she is making some Tom happy. I told her HE will not be around to help feed the kids nor support them, she doesn’t seem to mind.

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PS: Remember all our medical and support personnel who are subject to exposure to this horrible virus in prayer. They are our front line!               


jack69 said...

Stephen's wife Jennifer is a nurse and is working. Positive thoughts and prayers for her also. Thanx jack

Dar said...

Our prayers have been constant for our family, friends, country. Like all, our churches and activities are closed until further notice, schools are out for the year, as well as the colleges, 2 of the boys and wives are still working but not for long, our son with leukemia is still in self quarantine at his cabin but feeling good., even getting a little ice fishing in but not working except from home. Yes things have sure changed in a hurry. Things like paper products and produce are flying off the shelves, most gone. I'm glad mom has chickens tho they must have heard the news, and are not laying. The only ones in the hospital are a few nurses and doctors, no patients which is a good sign. We haven't left the house except to pick up our meds. Our church has drive-thru communion, a first. I could go on and on. As for us, we are spending a lot of time outside in the fresh air in hopes of a good sap run. We tapped 100 trees yesterday but will only be cooking off 300 gallons of sap to make around 30 gallons of maple syrup for the family.
Stay safe and know our prayers are with you and your loved ones for good health.
loven'hugs from up north where, believe it or not, yes, it's snowing again.

Woody said...

Prayers All Around first for Everyone ! We are Hunkered Down and eating but not really Healthy ! My Nephews, (4) of them are all still in Florida with their new and newer Motor Homes living there for the winter and are not sure about the trip North as I-81 has closed many Rest Areas !! I told them to stay put !!! Hope this finds you and Sherry well and Busy !! Love from the North ! Gary an Anna Mae

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Will definitely be praying for that experimental shot. Hope it does some good. The know so little and so they try out the unknown and hope it works. I think the young people off school are having the hardest time with staying in and doing nothing. They are the ones that are very much on the go these days. I'm not effected much as I'm used to being by myself but am missing seeing any of my family . They are worried about me too as they've offered to pick up groceries for me so I don't have to go out at all. All we cn do is try to keep up the best way we can with what we've got. Stay safe and healthy! Love from Ohio.

Mevely317 said...

How strange? I woke up this morning and your Cousin Eddie came to my mind. Thank you for updating us on you and your loved ones' situations. Everything's so unsettling these days; I fully expect to see Rod Serling's face and hear, "Welcome to the Twilight Zone."

Thankfully, we're both feeling fine -- as are our kids and theirs. Of course I worry about my son and DIL who aren't afforded the luxury to stay home. At the end of the day, all's we can do is pray for each other and each others' loved ones!

betty said...

Thanks for the update about Stormy! You might have a lot of things to check out with her over the next few months. Thanks for telling us how you and yours are doing during this time. Will pray for your cousin. Hoping that the treatment the doctors are doing will be effective for him.


Chatty Crone said...

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone and everything. This is going to affect every area of our life and I hope we end up better than we were. My son is a doctor - as I have told you - so I pray constantly - he said in his opinion this is going to be bad. We do need to take it seriously. Which is hard in a multigenerational family!

Susan Kane said...

Your friend Eddie is blessed with good friends like you. I am so sorry that his time is short. My prayers are with you and Eddie. I promise I will pray for you all.

Lisa said...

Right now its more of an inconvenience to us too. Iv’e been struggling since losing my job back in October. I was the only one bringing in the money. Nick has been out of work for years. So we have NO income coming in now and living off savings. It sucks. I can just give up on job searching for now too as everything is closing up.
I still think this social distancing thing is making people panic instead of working for the good. You can’t just leave only grocery stores open and expect everyone not to rush out to the same place. We will get through this though.

Praying for your friend.

Rick Watson said...

It’s scary times. I’m hoping your cousin pulls through this.