Monday, March 30, 2020

Women’s History Month, Sister Shirley…

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For today, (Tuesday):
In the past I have said a lot about Shirley. She and I were mom and dad’s second family. We were raised together and for 9-10 years we shared the same bedroom. She would slip me cookies in bed. She taught me to ride a bicycle; put up with a kid brother playing hop-scotch.  Shirley once drove on the drag strip in a 1953 Buick

 She interrupted my bed time prayers when I made an error in English. Shirley thought I should use the proper English when talking to the Lord. One night it got so bad that I had to call mama to tell her ‘if Shirley interrupted my prayers one more time I was gonna knock her down. Mama explained I should not get mad during prayers, said good night and left our room. She had to get the last word, “You were wrong Jackie!”
 At 17 she organized a trio and entered them in a talent contest. They opened with Shirley playing the accordion and switching smoothly to the piano. They won the talent contest and appeared on TV. In 1952. We didn’t even have a TV to see her.
 She grew to be a lady of culture. I guess the only one of our family to have ‘class’; I joked and laughed at her and with her. WE had fun. She did know which fork to use and enjoyed entertaining. When she would get a little high ‘falootin’, I would remind her of the time she jumped out of the hayloft of our black friend’s barn, into a pile of straw and manure yelling Geromimo. She could get away with anything with dad, she was his pet. LOL
   Shirley on the way to sing Country/Western
In her late 70’s Shirley (a widow) was asked to sing with a band; thus fulfilling her dream to be an entertainer. She was successful locally because she was a very good pianist and had a great voice.
That girl could get anything to grow.  She was also an artist and many times her growing was decorative; watermelons and cantaloupes in her front yard. She was my last surviving sibling leaving us two years ago. I miss her. 
   Queen Shirl Taken at her surprise Birthday arranged by her boy friend Smokey Coe During a Senior's meeting..
It was very rewarding to hear stories of her picking up the tabs of folks less fortunate at stores. You may remember Lucy from Aol Journals and blogger. I ran across a cancelled check for $350 to a veterinarian In Nebraska. It was a VET bill for Spunky, Lucy’s Beagle.
Every one stay safe.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your sister was a very talented woman and left behind some great memories. It seems impossible that it's been two years ago that she passed. Today's post is a great tribute to her .

Mevely317 said...

That's funny about Shirl correcting your bedtime prayers! Like sister Kat, Shirl sounds like a head-strong (but lovable), accomplished woman. From what you've written, it sounds like hers was a life well-lived. Thanks for sharing your siblings with this former lonely 'only' child.

Chatty Crone said...

I know you loved your sister - I could tell that through the years. I also know losing her was a great loss for you. Hugs.

betty said...

Shirley was one if a kind!! So sweet and loving!! She did seem to enjoy life!


Glenda said...

Do so love hearing Shirl stories, y'all were so compatible. I think we're "related" and.....and am certain that Sherry is my big sister ~ even if she's petite and gorgeous ~ I feel that sisterly love. Thank you, Jack for wearing your heart on your sleeve (even when it no longer has stripes)!!! If ever I get famous and someone records my story, YOU ARE MY HERO (for like fiddy plus years). Love and warm hugs from Chobee, Glenda

Rick Watson said...

What a great story about Shirley.