Saturday, March 28, 2020

Wartime Atmosphere?

Autos of with a short lifetime, the 60's Edsel

For today, (Saturday):
As usual, last night,tucked my girl in the bed and before I left her bedside. We talked about rationing and insurance collecting from our childhood. We lived in different towns; it is interesting how similar things were.

Life Insurance. It was a strange thing, in this state anyway. Most families had life insurance policies. They were known as dime or quarter policies. The insurance man collected weekly. Behind the living room door was a manila hanging pocket, like a half envelope. The insurance ‘card’ was in there and every week mom or dad would put the exact amount in the folder usually about a dollar.

If we were not at home, the front door was unlocked and the insurance man would step inside, count the money and log it in on the card. The Policies were normally for $100-500 dollars; usually enough to bury someone.

What is interesting to me is that my family lived in 6 different towns and Sherry in one. The procedure was the same. Can you appreciate the honesty back then? No one I knew were worried about someone ‘going into their homes to steal.’

I doubt if more than 10 homes in a townhad the doors were locked.

Then there were the World War years. Your travel was limited because you had to have a ‘ration stamp’ to buy gas. Everyone was limited to xx gallons a week. Definitely no shelves were empty due to hoarders, because the essentials were rationed. X amount of pounds of sugar and coffee. All leather goods were rationed, including Shoes
I am recalling my youth. 

I read here on the internet that this was going to be like a wartime government period.

Pauline does not blog any more, but I remember her saying she still had one or two ration books (or cards) from her mom’s family.

The governor here in NC just put the state on the tight home bound schedules. We can only get out for essentials.

There has been a ‘slight’ improvement in Eddie’s case. They are taking him of the induced coma drugs.  I tried that six foot distance with my  girl, I am not getting ‘the thrill’ out of ‘throwing kisses.’ LOL

Nite Shipslog  
      Sherry and I have three of those old policies. They are paid up $500 policies. I cheeked on them a few years back, they are still good, but the face amount is all there is, no interest. 


Mevely317 said...

I'm fascinated by the insurance man collections and unlocked doors! Wow. Makes me homesick for a time I never experienced. Even with the rationing hardships, I like that the average man/woman were a kinder breed.
That's great news about Cousin Eddie … prayers continue!

PS - I still have a few of my parent's ration books. Maybe I should take a picture and put on Facebook to see if anyone knows what they are?

Chatty Crone said...

I remember all the stories my mom used to tell me about rationing and depression.
I have no idea where all this will end.
We just need to wash out hands and pray.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I had one of those $500.00 policies and cashed it in years ago. It's amazing how the cost of a funeral has ele=ivated since then. I've heard some say around 10, 000.00 dollars or more now. I carried a larger policy after that hoping to cover the increasing prices, but found the policy I had was not what it was supposed to be, so cancelled that one too. Now I only hope what's left of my savings will bury me. I've heard more than one reference to this being like war time. There is definitely shortages on what we can buy. We are fighting a fight against the corona virus and I believe we will win !

Woody said...

I am not keeping that 6 foot distance between me and my Honey ! No Way !!
We are pretty secure here at home, I am not going anywhere and My Honey does the running around on errands !, You both stay Healthy and behave yourselves ! LOVE FROM "uP nORTH" !! Gary & Anna Mae

betty said...

How interesting about the life insurance man. I had not heard that before. My mom talked a lot about rationing during World war 2. I think stores are going to need to change their policies to start rationing at beginning of a disaster. Once this was called a pandemic stores should have started the rationing then. I think that would have prevented the panic buying and the short supplies. Hopefully Eddie will continue to make steady progress to getting healthy again.


Lisa said...

Me and Nick can not stay six feet apart. We have agreed to just share the germs as we are a package deal.
The vibes here at the beach are weird but the sun and sand are still the same. It is so nice here and feels safe but we may be cutting our trip short.

Stay in

Rick Watson said...

It is strange times. I have no point of reference.

yaya said...

I love hearing about those "good?" old days. I remember the stories from my parents. My Mom is still in the hospital and not doing great so I'm thinking I won't be able to ask any more questions about her childhood. This is a hard time and not being able to see family members who are hospitalized is so very hard. I feel bad for not only my family at this time but all the families at our hospital who are leaving their family members in our care with the hope they will be taken care of. I hope you and Sherry are doing well and staying safe..sounds like you are! Have a good rest of this weekend.

Dar said...

Mom still rations and has taught all 9 of us the art of ' waste not, want not.' It's probably easier for us because of her wisdom. We're still ' at home ' being careful but still hugging. Like Lisa said, we are a package deal. Good to hear your cousin may be on the road to recovery. Praise God !!! He's the only one that knows how all our lives will get thru this. Stay healthy and busy.
love n' hugs from up north where we canned 25 quarts and a pint of beautiful amber maple syrup Fri. What a gift our maple trees provided four our families.