Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nuts and a Nutty guy

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 This dude passed us on I-95 once and I didn't get a good picture.
For today (Thursday):

I eat nuts practically every night. I can’t think of a nut I don’t like. I have been partial to peanuts since childhood. I like ‘em parched, raw and green. I guess partly because my dad loved ‘em and right after he and mom were married peanuts were their cash crop in N. Georgia. 

Daddy could make a mess with the cracked hulls eating them after they were parched either in the stove or over the grate in the fire place.

One of my favorites is the pistachio. Normally a pound bag doesn’t last long around here. A few weeks ago there were no pistachios in shells on the shelf, but there beside the empty space was ‘pre-shelled’ pistachios at about the same price per ounce as the shelled. I had never bought them shelled, and was looking forward to a treat. BUT, but I was so disappointed, they did not taste as good. I still wonder why?

Is it because I didn’t have to work to eat them? Or did something happen to them out of the shell? I have had that bag now for about a month, and it is still not empty. The little goodies don’t look as big as the ones I shell. Maybe it is all in my mind, but I will buy them in the shell from now on.

I’m mixing them with other nuts just get them GONE. LOL. Thanks for reading this ‘stuff’. I appreciate your time… 

 Are you a nutty person?

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Mevely317 said...

Really? I've seen those pre-shelled bags as well -- but shrank from the price. Oh lawdy, how make fingernails I've sacrificed to get at that deliciousness … but it's well worth it. Have you ever enjoyed a pistachio milkshake? That was one of my father's favorite things in the whole world.

This post of yours makes me smile!

yaya said...

I am a nut person! Pistachio is my fav and also almonds. Not a big peanut lover but Jack is and frequently gets peanuts in the shell. He also loves boiled peanuts (yuck) but his Mom was a southern gal and his many trips to visit his Grandparents in Florida must have done it! Do you remember when pistachio shells were red? They would stain your fingers! Have a good week!

Lisa said...

I love Pistachios too but not the red ones. I never buy the pre shelled. Same goes for sunflower seeds. Popping open the shells is where all the flavor and fun come from.
My favorite nut is the Brazil Nut.

Stay nutty

Chatty Crone said...

I like nuts - peanuts - almonds - pistachios. Hate walnuts! lol

betty said...

I am a nutty person. I do like a variety of them! That is interesting how the shelled pistachios taste different than the non shelled ones. Maybe processing of them?


Rick Watson said...

I’m a nut guy too. We get our pistachios in the shell from COSTCO. One of the things my family got during Christmas was mixed nuts in the shell.
I love ‘em all.

Micheal Alexander said...

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm a duty person in more ways than one! I like em all. They are good and good for you too!


i love nuts. my favorite are cashews and pistachios. i tried the hulled too. found them too salty. ruined it for me.