Monday, March 2, 2020

Strong Women

 Autos of beauty
 Those were the days, people in uniform pumped the gas, checked the oil and washed the windshields. This one a 58Chevy

For today (Tuesday):
After Cousin Kenneth’s funeral, we felt drawn to visit two people we wanted to see. They are both widows of missionaries. They had worked beside their husbands in many countries of the world, leaving family and friends for years on end.

 Strange how history works, we met both these women and their husbands during one of our USAF tours in Biloxi Mississippi. The first lady we wanted to see actually lived 6 miles south of Calhoun, GA, where Ken’s funeral was held.

 This is C.H. Matthews and Eloise, when we first met.

Sherry called Eloise. When she answered she said “Sherry, I recognize your voice," just as soon as they started talking.  She said she was in her PJ’s but come on over. She lives alone and in the country. She is 90 years old. Her mind is still good. My Sherry absorbs, names, dates and kid’s data like a sponge. I listen but cannot remember. So they talked about kids, jobs etc; also of course of our past times together. 

As we started to leave, She said, “I have a confession to make, your name appeared on my phone, that is how I knew you voice.” We got a kick out of that. She and her Husband were our pastors during our tour at Keesler AFB. They later were missionaries, such a wonderful couple.  We were blessed to know them.

Next we drove to Cleveland, TN, and got a motel. Sherry called Frances Brannen, Fred Brannen’s widow.  Fred used to comment here. He, with a friend from Kenya, once flew to Maine to hike the 100 mile wilderness with me. Fred was too weak from Cancer treatment,  we did not make it.
   Fred & Frances much later than above.

Frances is 84 and is doing fine mentally, but physically is not doing well. She still lives with a sweet smile on her face. That girl is a fighter and has a heart for her children and grand kids. It was such a pleasure to sit and talk with her. You have to love how she has nothing bad to say about anyone. 
                    Fred & Frances and their 3 Daughters

Fred & Frances were actually our neighbors in a trailer park on Biloxi Bay. They were friends you can never forget. Fred was in the Coast Guard at the time and I in the USAF. He was discharged and finished the university and they became missionaries. WE stayed in touch. These are people you would trust to watch your back anywhere.

Yeah, it seems that Many of our friends are old. Maybe, one day we will be old…..

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's so much better to visit friends while thy are alive and not at funerals. these are to very strong women and still are. the smiles on their faces tells everything. So glad you took the time to visit them and share their stories. I like how you keep in touch with your friends. It isn't something we all do.

Lisa said...

Thats so great to make a visit to old friends. Sounds like sweet girls.

From rainy gtown

Chatty Crone said...

I love the way you and Sherry both make time for old friends. sandie

Mevely317 said...

Aw, bittersweet! And funny-cute how Elouise said she 'recognized' Sherry's voice.
You and Sherry totally define what it means to be Good Friends.

yaya said...

I'm glad you took the time to reconnect with some old friends. Sometimes we think we should call or visit someone but put it off and then something happens and it's too late. They seem like wonderful friends and you and Sherry are good friends to have also! Have a good week!

betty said...

I can never imagine you and Sherry old :) But it is good to reconnect with friends from the "good old days" and remember the fun times you had together!