Thursday, March 5, 2020

… Lose a few….Lose a few! LOL

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For today (Thursday):  LONG entry!

This is Wednesday evening as I write this entry for Thursday. Sherry Is at church and I sit here with a dull ache on the right side of my mouth. This day is UNFORGETTABLE. Today I had a root canal that wasn't!

Today started off well and got worse. The roughest and hardest thing is the drilling. The last bit they used in the drill is about the size of a needle. I spent 2 hours in Dr. Taylor’s chair. Once I sat 30 minutes with a nurse coming in every10 minutes to tell me they would be right back. I was so relaxed I went to sleep 2 times as they drilled and once during the 30 minute absence. Finally The Dr. comes in to say, The tooth cannot be saved, it must come out. WHAT?

To steal from Rick, “After leaving a hole in my tooth the size of the grand canyon!” it must be pulled. NOW I KNOW this tooth will be hard to get out, it is only a shell. “We are trying to locate a SURGEON who can remove it NOW.  Any questions?”

My answer, “Why would I have a question? Let’s do a head transplant!”  I got forced laughs.

“We found a dentist in Fort Mill, SC who is waiting for you as we speak. Take the back roads and you will be there in 15 minutes. YOU do have a GPS, right?”   
It took about 30 minutes but we made it. We are greeted by the receptionist with 4 more pages of ?’s to answer. Did it. Then “So you are here to an extraction and implant, right?”  This is the first I have heard about implants.  But I have heard the best time to put the base in for an implant is when the tooth is pulled.

“I’m here to get a tooth pulled.”

“Perfect!” the receptionist said (I have heard that word 30 times today). “The doctor will X-ray and explain the procedures for the IMPLANT.”  So I go with the flow.

Another 1/2 hour in a dentist chair as he shows me X-rays of my mouth and explains with little hand models about the procedure. I asked, for the third time about costs, etc. “We will get to that later, let’s get the tooth out first and start the bone graft.”

I told the Dr. I would get the tooth pulled first, after some explanation I agreed to the bone graft.

Another room another chair another 30 mins to pull, break gouge, cut pull drill etc. But it is out.

Now we have the simple costs explanation. Today is only $1,366 but with cash or check discount it is only $1,297.70. No problem, piece of cake.

Notice how this is worded. You will come back in three weeks for a consultation. Then you will come back in three months and get the implant device installed for only $2,400.
Then in 3 months you will go to Dr. Taylor and she will insert the post and your new tooth, and all will be complete.

What will Dr. Taylor’s charge be?  Not privy to that information.

I returned to Dr. Taylor’s office to pay, since I left in such a hurry.
All smiles, “Back already?”

“Yes, what do I owe?”  (Lady leaves for a few minutes.)  No charge for today, but you will return in a week for cleaning and consultation.”
My question, “What is the cost?”

“That trip will only be $59.95.”

Anyway since I was there so long earlier I took the appointment, but I am sure that will be the last time at either office. Not complaining about the people or work, but I am fussy about the prices. Had I even thought they wanted this much, I would have suggested another trip to Mexico.

Sorry for so long, Sherry is back from church, nite.
Nite Shipslog                       
PS: I thought I was back in the USMC with the ‘Orders, YOU WILL, you will do such….


Peter parker said...
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jack69 said...

The deleted comment was spam!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So sorry it didn't work out, but seriously, tooth implants cost a lot of money. Sounds like these folks want you as a patient for the long run. I couldn't afford it for sure. Hope you can.

Jean said...

I would just go without a tooth are you can get a bridge, is that what it's call are maybe a partial, I had one once it hooked to my other teeth. I understand your wait, when up in Birmingham Sheila and I waited two, yes two hours to see a doctor when only saw him five minutes. I hope you're feeling better today, Jean.

Mevely317 said...

Oh my goodness! I don't care for their bossy attitude one little bit. Pretty sure Tom would've got up and walked out. I believe my mother was 80-something when her dentist couldn't find anything wrong, but 'strongly suggested' she have her existing fillings changed out with gold ones. Nope, she never returned.

Chatty Crone said...

Is the tooth in the back? Do you really NEED the implant or do they just tell you that?

betty said...

Might be worth a second opinion :) They sure have a hook to get you in for services :) Hoping you are finding some pain relief soon!


Lisa said...

Oh I hate how the dentist use scare tactics on people. In my opinion, There is nothing wrong with a simple extraction if its a back tooth. Saves money so you can take a trip to Mexico.

Feel better