Monday, March 23, 2020

Life in the slow lane

Autos of beauty
          1995 Jeep Wrangler

For today (Tuesday):
Scattered rain the last couple days; the bathroom project continues. I did get a belt put on the lawnmower. That was a trick and a first for me. And we have walked a little.

I sure would like to be back on the road.  It could be very safe methinks.  We could reserve sites on line and tell the manager they could assign the site via text and we would wave as we drove in.
I would use gloves while fueling the vehicles.  I guess we could take care of groceries by ordering on line and pick up at the store.  OR SHOP AS LATE A POSSIBLE. Early doesn’t fit my profile anymore. LOL
We could go south and look for a trailer I mean mobile home. LOL. 

 We have found good prices in the Sebring area for doublewide’s.
But for right now, we are like most of the world in a holding pattern. I am concerned about the economy. I am not sure about the checks they are talking about mailing out to everyone. BUT, BUT it does make more sense than the last economic crisis, when the big bailouts went to entities that were termed, CORPORATIONS TOO BIG TO FAIL!
Anyway those amounts of money discussed are definitely above my paygrade.

Last…. We are both wondering about my adopted cat. Is she gonna have her kitties near or head for places unknown. I keep saying I need to get her ‘fixed’ and something else always comes up.  Maybe after this litter, I can get it done.

UPDATE On cousin Eddie Virus victim:  So far there is no change he is still vented and in an induced comma, since trying the Ebola-serum therapy. It was an experimental treatment.  His wife is still in quarantine and now one of her sisters, Susie, has tested positive this week.  We were altogether at Cousin Ken’s funeral three weeks ago.
Of course we are still hopeful, and praying. BUT it is scary when doctors use the term, “EDDIE  is VERY SICK,” when those terms are used it means there is little hope for life.

 Take care and be safe.

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Dar said...

Oh Jack. Our prayers are still coming for your cousin Eddie. All you can do is pray he snaps out of this. I'm glad you two are staying put for the time being. It doesn't look too hopeful for a quick end to this virus. We've been staying home and away from Mom even tho it's very difficult.
My guess, your feline will birth her kittens elsewhere. She'll prefer her privacy the first 5-6 weeks. It's just the natural way of things feral.
Stay safe and healthy, God willing. Thanks for the tip of wearing gloves while filling up......makes perfect sense. Well, gonna go wash a pear and enjoy it's sweetness, then take a walk to check on the maple sap progress.
It's been very slow.
loven'hugs from up north from a gal who loves that jeep

betty said...

Continued prayers for Eddie and your whole family Jack! Travel would be fun but you never know if you will get stuck some place and can't get home. Maybe Stormy will trust you more this time around and have her kitties close to home.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you are enjoying the slow life there. I prefer it I think you should adopt that cat. She's there all the time anyway!Keep on staying safe and healthy!

Woody said...

We are keeping you and your extended Family in our Prayers, We are not supposed to Travel except for Groceries, Doctors, and they are enforcing it in areas, Our Governor has stepped up to the plate and taken charge of a lot of things ! Glad to hear you 2 got in a walk ! Watch Stormy !!! Take care, stay Healthy, sending our Prayers and Love from the North, Gary & Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

I can understand your wanting to be 'on the road again!', but ya. At this time, I think y'all are safer in the harbor. (Even if it does feel like you're treading water in place.) I was out at Winn Dixie this morning, and it felt like a ghost town. 'Spotted one lady with a big mask, others with gloves. All's I could do was mimic another shopper who'd taken a bunch of those clear baggies they keep in produce and wrapped them around the cart handle. It's all so confusing!

PS - Continued prayers lifted!

Chatty Crone said...

Please don't go on the road right now - protect yourself.
I pray for a good outcome for your cousin Eddie.
I just can't believe all this.
Sincerely, sandie

yaya said...

I pray your cousin will beat this as well as others at that funeral. I worry about you and Sherry and say prayers for you both. Little Stormy will let nature take it's course but I'm glad you'll help her stop this "littering" of the neighborhood! A trip sounds good, like running away from all this sad news and craziness! I'm working at the hospital and training in different areas. Because of my age and the possibility of having to run back to Chicago they're letting me work in places that are not near patients except for emergency surgeries. So guess where I'm training tomorrow? The kitchen and cooking! I'm advising all my coworkers to bring their lunch if I'm in charge of food! Ha! Take care Jack!

Rick Watson said...

Lay low Jack. Write another book. Our rain moved our last night and the sun is coming up this morning.