Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I am a lucky fella, she rings my bella.

Autos of beauty: 1951 Crosley p/u

For today, (Wednesday):
I am one lucky guy. I ‘think’ I picked this girl. She sure didn’t snare me; she is too independent for that. But fortunately we become a team.

Remembering I had not come up with a blog entry for in the morning. ”I looked over at our computers which were in full bloom with our screen savers. On hers were scenes of our Appalachian Trail hike up in Vermont.

 On mine? There were pictures of our last trip to San Antonio with our ‘grown sons’.
 We were amazed at how much fun they are to travel with, now that they can enjoy both the journey and the destination, vs ‘are we there yet?’ (You probably never heard that, LOL.) 
On the trip to San Antonio we stayed at Lake Medina in Texas.

 I had NEVER seen so many deer. There must have been a hundred in the RV Park alone. On that trip we met our friend Pauline.

 The boys enjoyed seeing he Alamo and doing the Riverwalk. History and beauty lives in San Anton.

What started this entry were my thoughts of being a lucky fellow. I just tucked my girl in, and it is was actually ll:ll. Our friend Myra lately of Alabama, previously from Arizona dubed it “The bewitching hour!”  We still call it that. We are so programmed that 11:11, we smile every time.

Tucking her in I get to tell her how beautiful she is. I told her I am gonna do a blog entry on the ‘tucking-you-in’. I  do enjoy that short time of the evening. MY girl said, “You better NOT!”  So I am not going to tell you,  but I do love the curves and sweet lips. 

See?  You had no idea that an 81 year old man could enjoy a his wife so much, huh?

Anyway, there are times like tonight; we take time to see photos of places we have been, as they scroll through our 22 Years on the road.

We have a very nice home here. It has been 22 years since we called this place HOME.  When we left from this base, we had NO IDEA the trip would last over 20 years. The trip has been all 50 states from San Diego to Nova Scotia, and from Key West to Alaska.

I have never seen a boring area or road. It is terrible when I have nothing to say and it is over 400 words.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You two do make a great team! You are my favorite couple and hope you have a few more trips together before you are done. Yes, it is a joy to enjoy our children now that the are we there days are over. It's always a good time when i'm with mine. I don't think any of could imagine what might happen 20 years ago. But you have infinitely lived the good life!

Jackie said...

Hi Jack and Sherry....
Checking in with my friends.
Paul and I are staying in. We have been doing that since March 14.
I hope that you both are well.
Sending you love,

Mevely317 said...

I love how you tuck Sherry in to sleep! …. And just plain enjoy one another's company so much. Not so many married folks are so fortunate. God bless y'all.

PS - You know, I don't remember calling 11:11 the bewitching hour. 'Hope I'm not losing my mind!

My Tata's Cottage said...

I love your tucking in ritual! Ha the older we get the more we know about love and we have that perfect someone to share it with. May you both be blessed and happy and stay healthy. My young friend Amanda told me besides home schooling five littles- a girl and 4 boys she likes to make sure she has her lipstick on when her hubby walks through her door. She told me her grandma taught her that! I love all the little blessings I learn from everyone along the way. My sweet hubby is still working everyday and I spend much of my day in prayer and study of the Word. Since our youngest daughter married and moved 2200 miles away I bible journal with her too. She is artistic, I am not gifted that way. I chuckled when you said adult children are easier to travel with with then "are we there yet?" HaHa! MY daddy would say if anyone says are we there yet I will turn this car around and take you home! My big sister and I would giggle so much he would look in that rearview mirror and ask us what was so funny.
It was wonderful to hear your little story and visit for a spell. Take care and stay healthy and happy. HUGS to you both across the miles.

yaya said...

I'm putting San Antonio on my blist! I want you to know that there's no age limit on love...81 or 18...doesn't matter..well, maybe at 18 there shouldn't be any tucking in! Ha! Have a good day and stay safe!

betty said...

I think you said a lot in this blog. I enjoyed reading it and always enjoy reading about your travels and your love for Sherry! It is so refreshing to hear of committed love for the length you have had yours together!! It gives us youngsters hope!!


Lisa said...

That is so sweet how you tuck her in.
You are blessed to have two boys. I always wanted a boy. I told Nick that God gave me a girl first so one day (when she marries) ill have a son.

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