Sunday, March 22, 2020

Can a toy be lonely? Or is Our dog Possessed?

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  The 1985 Olds Toronada

For today (Monday):
Most of you are not aware that we have a dog. Well not a real dog, but one we do enjoy. I bought him at a yard sale for 50 cents. He is as cute as can be and great grands love him.

He lost an ear, but I did surgery and put it back on. When the kids would squeeze or push on his paw he barks and raises up some and moves his front paws.

I know, there is nothing magical about that, lots of toys are animated. HOWEVER HOW many of them do it on their own?  How many sit on the couch or side table and demand attention?

For the past month or so as we sit at our breakfast table all of a sudden the little sucker becomes animated and no one is even near him. A few days ago he actually crawled off the stool he was on.

We really do get a kick out of it, and laugh when he kicks in every few hours. I have tried to do a video of him/her. I hope they work.

We are still sticking around the house, I have the door installed in the basement, I will post a picture once I get the outside trim in place. I knew I would love this door, and I do. Now I go in and out without raising the garage door.

But first I must put a belt on the John Deere mower.

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yaya said...

First, I hope your cousin can beat this virus and comes home soon. I also hope you and Sherry are doing good. From the looks of your blog you're staying busy and doing lots of "homework". That dog would freak me out! But as long as you enjoy it I guess that's all that matters! So Stormy is going to be a momma again? She needs to find a Vet as soon as they are able to be open and get that taken care of! Have a good week and I'll look forward to seeing your new finished door project.

betty said...

That dog is so cute! Anything that brings us a laugh these days is a good thing!! Glad you guys are doing good and keeping busy!


Dar said...

I see you enjoy your pup as much as the grandloves. Does he/she have a name?
Like us, it's good to stay busy and home for now. Life always has been full of challenges and this is a BIG one. Stay safe, warm and happily busy. I'm getting plenty of spring cleaning done and out of the way before garden season comes around. It will be interesting.
loven'hugs from up north where it's another gloomy day but warmer without the wind. The sap should fill the buckets.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's something to do with the batteries, I have a toy fire engine here that went berserk one evening. I knew the sound right away, but I also knew that no one was around to play with it. I did give me a start for sure. It was sitting on the porch and I think somehow some dampness affected the batteries, It never has done it again since I brought it in side. All my toys are lonely as no one can visit to play with them. My family is all staying a safe distance away. Glad you have some things to keep you busy.

Lisa said...

My Daughter used to have a Barney doll that would start talking out of the blue. It was sort of creepy. They say this will happen when the batteries are almost dead. We took them out and never put in any more. Ha.

From Rainy Gtown

Mevely317 said...

How cute is that? Unless you count our two (overstuffed) animals, we've nothing like that. The only person(?) that speaks out of turn is Alexa. It doesn't happen often, but once in a while 'she' will weigh in on our conversations. LOL!

Susan Kane said...

My SIL always sends little dancing fluffies to Switzerland for our gr-sons. Christmas 2019 he sent a dancing unicorn, which conflicts with the Snoopies. They set them all up and I watched a dance off.

Glad to hear the door is up.

Woody said...

Cute Dog, OK, Interested in seeing that Door you put in ! Will be waiting for the pictures !
Hope you and your Honey are doing OK and staying Healthy, Watching it Snow!
Sending down our cares and concerns an Love, Gary an Anna Mae

Glenda said...

Thanks, Jack. HILARIOUS!!! YOU MADE MY DAY! It was a challenging one and I'm so happy to read a post that doesn't talk about CoronaVirus....I love you and my big Sistah Sherry; your beautiful boys and their offspring! Thank you so very much for the smile on my face! (You don't want to see it, those dentures came out when I got home from Palm Beach County about an hour and a half ago!) Love and warm hugs, Glenda

Rick Watson said...

We have a small basket of ceramic puppies. It’s the first thing kids head for when they visit our house.