Monday, March 9, 2020

Would you recommend your Vacuum?

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For today (Tuesday):

Vacuum cleaners are necessary when you are old and still prefer wall to wall carpeting. They are also important in the coach although we only have a small area of carpet left.  Then we also have about enough ‘throw’ rugs to cover the tile and wood floors.

Sherry asked me to vacuum today as she was cleaning.  I must admit cleaning house in the coach is much more fun, and ten times quicker. LOL  Anyway we have tried new vac’s but none come up to the standards of the upright Electrolux we bought many moons ago. 

I am going to try to revive that Electrolux in the next few days, it does a much better job than the new one I used today.  Of course as a normal rule of thumb the little $45 vacuum will not have the power of the $459 Electrolux.  I used to think it was overpriced, and I guess it is a little, but it definitely is a much better vacuum hands down.

Do you have a Vacuum you like and would recommend?  I would like to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time and advice.

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Lisa said...

We use a little dirt devil in our camper. I sweep the carpet first and then vacuum. It is not the best vacuum in the world but it gets the job done.
At home, I have tried several vacuums. We have an upright Euerka. It was good for only a short period of time but now Im ready for a new one. I remember mom used to have an expensive Kirby. I was heavy as an army tank.

Is it good that your vacuum cleaner sucks?

betty said...

We like Dyson. It worked well. Now with the puppy and how much corgis shed we will have to see if it works just as good. When we had Koda we went through a vacuum a year I think.


Mevely317 said...

I agree about Electrolux! My near 50 y/o canister (with the power broom) bit the dust last year. We've an upright Oreck, but replacing the bag is a huge challenge -- above my pay grade!
Vacuuming isn't terribly difficult, yet it's my least favorite chore. Color me, waiting for Santa to bring me a Rumba.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So nice that you help with the cleaning. Vacuuming isn't always easy. I like the one I have but it is heavy to push around. I have seen some that are easier. It's a Dyson and does a great job of cleaning up my messes and I like that I can empty the container with oll the contents and it has a filter tht can be washed out. No more bags to deal with. The first vacuum I had was an electrolux. I was good but wore out long ago.

Woody said...

I have a small "Shop Vac" for the Basement, it is the 3 Gallon wet or dry, works great, when I have to Vacumn up stairs I go get it !!!, The Honey has a upright "Shark" and for the Car and one we used in the camper it was a "Dirt Devil" which really did well !
Hope things are going Great with you 2 ! Spring is coming soon up here ! Sending down Love and Warm Blessings ! Gary & Anna Mae

Jean said...

I have a Shark, Oreck, and a Dyson the shark is bag less but heavy the Oreck I liked have had it for about 25 years it uses bags and they're getting hard to find so I bought a Dyson you can empty it, its bag less. I'm thinking about getting me one of them rumba's that does the cleaning for you. I just wondering if they do a good job. Take care, Jean.


whatever you do don't get a rumba. they don't pick up much and they skip lots of area in a room. we paid $400 for ours a few years back and we were very disappointed.

Dar said...

We've gone thru many kinds of vacs but currently are using a reliable bagless CleanView Bissell. It has a large canister, two filters, and it easy to empty and clean and plenty powerful. So far, we like it. We also have two handheld vacs, the battery operated Dirt Devil for downstairs and the truck, an electric one upstairs with an extra long cord that reaches all 4 rooms from the hallway. Big Bill has a wet/dry vac for the basement and shop. We like all of them. This all reminds me it's time to tackle that job again. About your Electrolux, there was a 9 yr. old kid on one of those Kids Got Talent shows, The boy had all these old-timers that he restored and demonstrated their power...a fun thing to watch.
loven'hugs from up north. The sun keeps peeking out showing more signs of spring as we wait for the rest of the snow to disappear.

jackie said...

Dyson vacs are the best!

Had an electrolux back in the day and my dyson does just as good a job.

Chatty Crone said...

I don't have one - but I would love a Dyson!

Rick Watson said...

We’ve had a Kirby since Clinton was in the White House.
It’s had a few issues, but parts are still available for it and there are tons of YouTube videos that show you how to fix ‘em. We love it.