Friday, March 27, 2020

House bound…

Autos of beauty  I have never seen something like this.
 Did you see this Plexiglas car? It is a 1939 Plymouth. That would get your attention on the road!  I wonder if they have tried that with the new cars?
For today (Friday):
Sherry tells me she read in the paper (on line) that our county will be on a lock-down today at noon. I have not read what that means, but she thinks it is “Stay at home except for essentials,”  I guess that means every one is to act like us folk. LOL 

This evening I spoke with Heidi next door and asked her if she would like to have Stormy as a friend. Of course I got some Beagle sugar, and she said, only if I can chase her!  That is a beagle for you, they gotta chase something. I asked if she would like a Kittie, and she said no thanks and walked away. At  that time, the neighbor (Heidi’s human) had heard Stormy D’s name and asked if we had kitties yet? I told him no.

His wife feeds Stormy also. Stormy did follow me upstairs tonight, she hung close to me. Her eyes not leaving my coffee cup. She thought it was milk, sooo I got her some (of course).  I think she knows time is close. I told her I would help but she had to give me a loud MEOW.

I must find out what this ‘lockdown’ means.  Son Jack told me tonight that the USA is now the leader in reported cases of the virus, but also is the leader in the most survivors.

Some ‘related’ good news concerning Cousin Eddie.  His condition has not changed (still VERY SICK), but his sister in law was released from the hospital; and is clear. His wife is still in quarantine.

Thanks for your prayers and concerns.

Our friend Lisa is at her RV home at the beach.  She says the view of the ocean is much better than the view of the empty shelves here.
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Glenda said...

WOW, this sitrep is crazy! I made three trips to Home Depot on Wednesday (in Palm Beach county) The electrician was so annoyed as they only let people in as one exits. Bright red tape at the entry door ~ do not cross the line before you're waved in. Guards with gloved hands and a young gal wiping cart handles.
Big red x's six feet apart for each customer to stand. Unhappy workers becuz they have to be there, yikes! N E WAY, it is what it is, y'all have a great day. Love and hugs, Glenda

Woody said...

We don't have a "Lock Down" here, just not supposed to be in groups or too close to others, there is Blue Painters tape in the drug store 6 feel apart for waiting in line my honey said and you cannot approach the counter till they call you, Crazy but we know they are only trying to keep us healthy !
take care, love from the North; Gary an Anna Mae !

betty said...

I think lockdown means don't go out for anything not essential. I hope it doesn't mean spending time indoors buy that people can take walks socially distancing from others. Glad to hear your cousin is making a little progress in health!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I guess we still have it a little better than the prisoners actually in lock down. That is something to be thankful for. Glad we can still go out and try to find the essentials. One of my sons said he spend the week trying to find what they needed going to different stores. Even ordering on Amazon for things has a wait list. Now they say eggs are going to be scarce, so we should get them while we can. I'll never gripe about grocery shopping again. We never miss what we don't have until we haven't got it. Keep safe ! Love and hugs from Ohio!

Mevely317 said...

Gotta say, I wasn't particularly concerned until this morning. For no good reason - other than watching the news - I paused and acknowledged, "I'm afraid." Ya, I know. That kind of thinking will get me nowhere.

I've not heard the term, "lock down", but this morning Governor Ivey issued a mandate for all non-essential businesses to close shop … with the exception of gun shops. LOL! Only in Alabama!

Jean said...

Glad to hear your cousin hasn't gotten any worst. Pray that he.makes a full.recover. I've been on lock down now for over a week, but been in now three. I'm not sure how things are going on around.Here my daughter in law says the stores are open and stock ed. Eating places serves take out. Maybe we will get through this. I haven't seen anything like this in my 85 years. Take care, Jean

Lisa said...

Maybe Stormy will have her kittens where you can get a head count this time.
Yes the view here is so peaceful. It was a warm day today and we sat on the beach in our safe space.
It got cold, foggy and windy when the sun started going down. It got so foggy that you can only see two campers spots away.
Crazy and a little eerie looking. Having a nice time away but looks like we may be cutting it short.

Stay safe

Rick Watson said...

Y’all stay Jack. We’re laying low, for the most part.

Dar said...

So glad to hear your cousin isn't getting worse and know he's in our prayers.
So Stormy is getting around the neighborhood, the typical feral to tame cat.
Hope she has the kittens soon. Good luck seeing them before they're 6 weeks old. lol .....this lockdown stuff is scary. We've been doing it since the virus first hit the states. The counties around us have cases. We expect it will hit our county next. Most of our family has been on lockdown except for with getting essentials tho, how long before we ourselves become infected. We have the next best view of Lisa. We have the creek as it melts, rising but not bad., and finishing off our first batch of beautiful amber colored prime maple syrup. At least we can be outside.
loven'hugs, lots of prayers from our north home to your southeast home. God be with you all.