Saturday, March 21, 2020

The basement bathroom

Autos of beauty:
    Bobby Darin's Dream 2 (For you that don't know, the dude was cool, Remember Mack the Knife?
For today, (Saturday):

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. News tellers have not changed. That story is not true, there was no fiddles when Rome burned at 64AD. The story came out because Nero was cruel and also the people did not trust him.

To continue.... While the Carona-virus causes havoc in lives, jobs and supplies, I’m playing in my basement. Yeah I know it ain’t the same, but it fits for me. I needed a walk in door to my playhouse. I sorta dreaded it; the wall is 12 inches thick.

A few bees were in the basement. I noticed one down in the sawdust and could not fly, so I scooped it up on a thin ruler and dropped him in the birdbath. Then I moved him to shore and he finally moved his wings enough to fly away.
Sweet Susan ( is sticking her nose into my business.(LOL) Someone told her I was a hoarder. Well I sorta am. I need a toilet in my basement in case I get lost down here.

   I'm collecting cats too, my first is Stormy D. Yep she is pregnant again. I tell her to practice safe sex, but nada.
I said the wall is thick. This is what I found in one area. About 20 years ago I saw yellow jackets going in a hole in the mortar, so I closed it off. 
 This was their home. I am glad they weren’t still living there.

The top shot is what I saw in one block.

Above is  a close up if the nest

 The door hole is cut, above is the outside, below is the inside.

I had a great idea. I would cut the hole and let the wall fall outside. Then I could use the wall as a stoop, WRONG
Remember it weighs about 1000lbs.  When I got this thing cut, using the saw and a sledge hammer; except for the top. I made sure it would fall outside; I then cut the top and gave a little push. It fell and BROKE AT ALL THE MORTAR JOINTS, no longer a wall. OUCH 

But it was a good days work for an old man avoiding the Virus...

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Keeping busy and doing things helps tremendously, We have to keep going. You did a great days work and much more than the verge person would try. So there, you are above average. Looks like you'll be busy for a while yet too. Take care so one of those walls don't fall on you.

Woody said...

I wish I had a cellar door in my basement so I could go out side, only entrance is off the kitchen an stairs down, I am surprised they didn't put in a doorway when the built the addition ! If your bored, come up, we have a spare bedroom, you can cut me out a door way ! Stormy looks calm !!! WoW, that was 1 big "Hornets Nest" you had !!! Hope they are all gone !!
You and Sherry behave, 68 yesterday and 18 degrees this morning ! Take care, Love, Gary an Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

OUCh, indeed! Thank goodness you weren't injured! But I enjoyed the tour of your 'club house' all the same. (Not so sure I should show this to Tom in case he gets any ideas. LOL!)

By the way, I LOVED Mack the Knife and Bobby Darin. Did you ever see his bio flick? What a tragic life!

Chatty Crone said...

I love that car too.
Boy you have been busy a bee - lol.
So now you have your door and a lot of work - be careful!

betty said...

I think you had a grand productive day!! Hoping you and Sherry continue to remain healthy!!


Susan Kane said...

Knocking out a wall? Oh, Jack.
You are not a hoarder. Maybe messy, but not a hoarder.
Keeping busy is a good thing. What is Sherry doing about you?

Rick Watson said...

I started building beehive components in my honey house yesterday. WooHoo.

Lisa said...

Glad your keeping busy. I have been cooped up since November. We don’t have anything to do except clean and do yard work. No money to work on any projects. Can’t wait to see your finished results.
Cats do multiply quick. We had a cat one time that gave birth 16 times! We nicknamed her “Target” because every tom cat had his shot. Haha.

Keep staying safe