Sunday, March 8, 2020

The gate and time.

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For today (Sunday):

We  have had a lot of rain, showers and simply mists. I was able to get through the mess to re-install the gate on the lower driveway. That is the gate that upset our mail man. So I finally got around to it. I get tired much easier. I can remember knowing a few people who made it to their 80s; I thought they were warmed over dead folk.
Of course I know that my strength has been cut a good bit. Just the 3-4 hours I worked on the gate just sapped my strength. I say it too often and do nothing; I need to exercise/stretch my muscles or I will be a bedfast lunatic.
I was not born to sit and watch TV; it is not in my mental/physical make-up to ‘close shop.’ My mind needs to be able to think and solve small problems. I have some jobs that are MINE, and those I just play at, such as Re-arranging tools and the basement.
My present project is ‘looking into’ fixing up a small apartment in the basement. The first thing will be adding a bathroom.

I reset the clocks. Do I like it? NO! Why can’t we split the difference and change the time by a half hour and use it forever. LOL I WILL BE MORE CAREFUL NEXT YEAR, it is too late now, but I reset one clock that resets itself. So I was up an hour earlier... LOL

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Lisa said...

Oh Jack, I think you just might have some Winter blues. Before long, things will warm up and you will feel more like getting out there and doing things. As far as the time change. I like it like this and wish it would stay. I love having an extra daylight at the end of my day instead of the beginning.

Happy Sunday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good for you to keep on doing things. They say if you don't use it you lose it. One of my goals this year is to get more exercise, I'm too much of a couch potato. I love to sit in my chair and read books. My mind gets a work out but not my body. With nice weather I hope to get out and take more walks. Don't give up and keep trying.

Dar said...

I also love a good walk but never in the winter up north...too much ice and chance of falling. Ever since my two back surgeries, I fear falling. I also do need to nurture my soul tho with more activity. We'll be making maple syrup again this year so that'll get us back out enjoying the work and fresh air. Then gardening season. Winters are rough on us. Even tho this was a milder one, it's always still so long.
loven'hugs from up north where we try to live like my grandma B used to always say, " Use it or loose it but don't abuse it." Have a great Sunday dear friends

betty said...

Jack you make me tired just reading what you do so you should be tired when you finish something. Take a bit of a rest and then hop back to work when you are ready to. Sounds like you got that new project up and ready to start soon! Thankfully no clocks to reset here other than my cell phone that decided to spring forward on its own. Have a good Sunday Jack and Sherry!


Susie said...

Jack, It is sad when we lose our strength but not our desire to work. Ted and I have always been workers. Liked keeping busy and getting things done. I fear those days are gone....but with Ted getting better we can work on those exercises to regain strength. We can always take two days to get things rush. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

Woody said...

Hoping "Spring" comes soon, I know I will be glad when it gets here ! Sounds like your going to be busy "Building" ! Good for you ! Take Care, love and Blessing to you an Sherry, Gary & Anna Mae

Mevely317 said...

I'm no expert, but sure believe that gray, gloomy days affect more than just our moods. Or maybe in turn, our moods affect our muscles? (*grin*)
The sun will come out tomorrow!

Susan Kane said...

California voters passed something in 2018 to do away with time change. Hmmm. It must have gotten lost in the post office.

Oh, I understand this age thing. Have to be wary of every hazard even though I am not yet 70. My mind thinks I am still 40.

Take care, Jack. I always look forward to visiting your site, see what car you have up.

Jean said...

When I would be outside working it always come to mind what will happen when I'm not able to do this. The pass months that has happen I have to admit it's rough. I kept my carport washed car and truck, driveway and front porch, but now I'll be looking to see if I can hire it all done. At least until I get back in shape. Here it's hard to find someone that will clean it like you did. Most rather not work at all. I hire my daughter in law to clean inside the house she does good work, and she does this for a few other people to help supplement her income. Just be careful and don't overdo. Takecare, Jean.

Glenda said...

What you need is a new "project", sounds like an apartment is just the ticket for you!!!


you do so many things to keep busy. glad you got to work on the gate. know that was bothering you. we all reach a certain point when we've had enough. do what you can and don't be too hard on yourself.