Friday, March 13, 2020

Between a rock and a hard place.

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For today (Saturday):

I like to enjoy a good relationship with my neighbors, and we do. HOWEVER our famous neighbor who was a Rock and Roll star back in the 50-60s era has two houses that are actually falling down.  The latest incident. Our street is a dead end street. Since the end of our street just before our house does look like a dump, someone who must vacuum leaves for the city decided to unload  a huge load of leaves on a vacant lot Jim owns that is just across the street from his decaying houses. The load was so big it is now encroaching on the road.
I hesitate to complain to the city because It will bring unwanted attention to Jim’s homes. Both actually should be condemned and time itself will take care of it. Jim is only a couple years older than I. We get along great when I see him. He has moved in with an ‘elderly’ lady who is in very bad health. They both say they are taking care of the other. I see him every couple weeks when he drops by to check his mail.
He was the spokesman and lead singer and guitarist of a couple big bands. He can still keep you in stitches with a monolog and quick jokes.
He is such a likeable guy, and I keep trying to buy the lot or one of the houses, and he keeps putting it off. I do want the street cleaned up; as my mama would say, the last 2-300 ft. before you get to our home “Looks like the rear end of discussion!” 
I’m just venting, I probably will just wait for the inevitable. Either the city will force the issue or me or Jim will pass on.  In the scheme  of things Losing a friend is not worth it.
Thanks for letting me use your shoulders…  I feel like I am beating that dead horse. ..
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Mevely317 said...

Oh Jack, don't be a tease?! Given my love of "Doo-Wop & Pop Rock" (PBS special), I NEED to know who your neighbor is. (*smile*)

In all seriousness, I'm sorry this eyesore's weighing on your mind. I think it would mine, as well. (And you can dump on my shoulder anytime!)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Time does have a way of changing things, but of course we wouldn't wish your neighbor dead. Hang in there things do have a way of turning out for the best if they're mean to be.

Woody said...

Venting is the best way to release "Stress" ! After my Stroke I would write down what I felt and who I was angry with and after finishing it I would rut it in the trash can and pour water or coffee on it as I had a hard time tearing paper ! Sad thing you have there, I have a man across the street who never comes out of his house except to go get food and smokes ! Remember,, "This too Shall Pass" as my Dad would say ! You and Sherry take care ! Love from the unfrozen North ! Gary an Anna Mae !

Chatty Crone said...

I wish he would come to you and sell!!!!!!!!!!

Dar said...

Sorry to hear this. I'm sure he sees they are using the area for a compost heap and perhaps he'll be ready to sell the next time you ask. I'm sure you won't upset him by asking him to please keep you in mind for one or both of the properties when he's ready. Can't hurt.
loven'hugs from up north where there's still a lot of ice by the cabin wherever Bill plowed...dangerous walk. I had to keep my toes curled in my boots for traction. lol :/

betty said...

Sad thing is he has a willing buyer for his property. If he passes before you do and you aren't willing then to buy it, how long will it take for someone else willing to buy it? Seems like he should take the money and run and enjoy whatever time he has left with his "elderly" lady friend!

Always good to vent Jack; we do need to get our thoughts out and it helps to share it with others who might give some good advice you can go with.


My Tata's Cottage said...

Venting is good! Keeps the heart healthy and your mental status sharp. But it is a tough situation to be in. I wish the gentleman would have the homes removed and possibly sell the lots. We are blessed with good neighbors. Only one rental house had a mentally unhealthy lady and the police were so kind scooting her out of there because she broke in and was squatting. All the houses on our block are in great condition (built 1964). But realtors are like hawks constantly knocking on our doors wanting to buy our homes. NOPE! NEVER! GOODBYE! SO LONG! No HOA fees that's why! Tough! Our middle and her hubby live here and they will have the rule of the place once we are no longer able. It is a good situation and our youngest son is still single and he helps out too. With all that is going on the three of them will be working at home these days so we are upgrading our modem and a few other technical things. The hubby works but he has that job requiring him to be at his office along with the mail room folks. But that being said, the other attorneys and their support staff will work from home and more work can be completed without constant interuptions. goes on and we pray and try to do everything necessary to stay safe, I wish the same for you. Good luck with your friend :-)

Lisa said...

I would suggest having a talk with him over a biscuit and coffee and tell him your concern. He may understand your point.


Rick Watson said...

That is a tough situation. I’m not sure how I would approach it, but maybe if you told him he would be doing you a big favor if he sold the lot to you he might do it.


losing a friend versus fighting him about the mess is a tough spot to be in, for sure. if you let it go you might regret it. i know we don't do alot of upkeep here because of our health issues. is he impaired in any way? i don't envy you this decision. good luck

Lisa said...

I’m commenting here again because I just had another idea.
Call the City about the leaves. When they come out for that, then they will see the rubbled houses.
Then your out of it as the leaves were your only concern.