Friday, March 6, 2020


Autos of beauty
    1957 Cross Country, Loved this car!

For today, (Friday)

 I listened to the Lone Ranger on the Radio. He came on from 5 to 5:30. I think it was every day, but it could have been Mon, Wed and Fri. I was thinking today how I would run to the radio. When I flipped the switch on, it took about 1-2 minutes for the tubes to heat up and start broadcasting. It seemed to take forever.  Sorta like the 30 second traffic light when you are in a hurry! LOL

When we came in from the wild dentist day my screen saver was on. Sometimes it is random and other times it will go in sequence. Today it was on a trip we made, it we were driving west. I love it.

Listening to the radio I pictured the Lone Ranger riding in areas like this. The radio gave rise to my imagination, I miss that. Me ‘n Ace listened on Sunday Nights to what I thought was ‘real Western’ stories. That program was ‘Gunsmoke’. 

     Now and then Judge Roy Bean's place

I enjoyed western movies and Western TV series.  I appreciated the back grounds and SEEING the action.  It wasn’t until I was getting old that I realized how much the RADIO made me imagine and think.

The radio was the dream machine for me. Some programs I really liked were: Beulah, Amos and Andy, The Squeaking Door and Mr. & Mrs. North. Hearing is tough for me now, but I remember when the sense of hearing was my avenue to travel. Amazing how Ace ‘n me could be transported to so many places as I listened. Ace listened but I think his entertainment was me and my animations. . LOL My dog Ace was my partner. When I traveled to faraway places, that Black Cocker Spaniel was with me. 

 Now in my 80s I can remember being a kid and some of my dreams. It might be fun to travel back in time for a few days. I was so cool then!  LOL

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NanaDiana said...

I loved sitting by my dad as he listened to 'his programs' on the old tube-style radio. He also loved the station that played waltzes and polka music and would swing my mother around the kitchen floor. Quite a cut-up for an old farmer. lol
Some childhood memories are just the best, aren't they?!
Hope you and Sherry have a wonderful weekend. Hugs- Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

In many ways radio is like reading a good book. Our imagination takes over with both. That is wy for me a book ia always better the movie.Your trip west must have been an eye opener compared to what your imagination had led you to believe. Nice to have all those pictures to remember your trips. You needed that after your day at the dentist.

Mevely317 said...

I remember those radios! I didn't listen to any syndicated radio shows, but can appreciate how they fueled your imagination. Now I'm wondering if modern technology (and instant access to practically everything) hasn't quashed trait in today's younger generation.
I like dreaming!

Mevely317 said...

"Quashed that trait", I meant to say.

betty said...

There is something about listening to things on the radio. They come across in a different perspective than if we saw visuals with it. You do have great memories of so many aspects of your life Jack!


Dar said...

I love memories through yours. Radio is all music now which is ok with me but I would have loved listening to stories. I can only imagine to love of it and how healthy it was. Thanks for taking me away to those far places of the past.
love n' hugs from up north where the sun is shining more and more days to keep we northerners happy. Have a continued sweet weekend with sweet Sherry.

Lisa said...

I remember watching the Lone Ranger. That made me think of how I used to watch Daniel Boone too.
I never had to listen to a show on the radio, but now days, I can crochet during a tv show while hardly ever looking up at it and can get just as much entertainment.

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