Saturday, May 2, 2020

Bank Stuff & building stuff

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About my Mayday dance thing, my life is different. When my girl gets with her friends, she has known many of them most of her life. She knows someone from every grade, and many of them she knew them all.

Me? I don’t remember or know anyone from first grade to 10th. I know a couple boys from my 7-8th grade times but they were not in my classes. So I am probably the only one who remembers the incident,  LOL.

For Sunday, today’s stuff….

I think Sherry is divorcing me, or maybe teaching me I shouldn’t be in the basement all day. (She is usually sitting right here by my side.LOL) My girl is tenacious. She is not a puzzle person, but Stella and her mama (Sherece) brought grandma a 500 piece puzzle. Four days now, and she has it about 60% done. I can work for a while, but after I find 1-3 pieces, I am gone. My girl sticks with IT. Even books; she starts one and isn’t thrilled with it, she WILL FINISH IT.  Me? If I don’t like it, I put it down (Or skip a few chapters at best).

Anyway we have accomplished some stuff. Son Mark came up from Florida. I have been holding his money from the last house sale in a bank account which I used to handle Shirley’s business. WE called the bank, made an appointment and started the process of putting the account in his name.

The only problem I was paying all Shirl’s bill including utilities from that account automatically.  So all I have left is dropping the utilities and restarting from our joint account.

It is tough not being able to talk on the phone, so I am struggling with the utility companies on the internet. I think it will work out. 

Life is good. I have the floor framed for the storage area; now the floor and roof. My sweetheart says no rain it the forecast for a few days, I might get it done in time to see how rain tight I will have it.

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Lisa said...

I don’t have the patience for puzzles and books but my daughter loves jigsaw puzzles and will forget about everything else in the world while working one. She said it’s relaxing and takes the stress off of her.

Happy Sunday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good Sherry has the puzzle to work on while you are doing other things. You have spent a lot of time in the basement. Many of my family have been working on puzzles to pass the time and still spend time with each other. Glad you help her out now and then. She is keeping her mind busy. I'm like you and if I cannot get into a book I'll put it down and reach for another one. There are so many good ones to choose from. Glad you are both healthy and safe there as we go through these coronavirus days.

Mevely317 said...

How wonderful, y'all having Mark come visit! Good your keeping so busy while the sun's still shining. Tom's also enjoying being outdoors while it's still dry(ish) and not yet really hot.

Nope. I never had the patience or stick-to-itivness your Sherry exhibits. And, like you, if a book doesn't 'grab' me it's going by the wayside. (Hope your words weren't a reflection on my recent posts? *smile*)

betty said...

I like doing jigsaw puzzles; haven't in a few years, but it is good for the brain! I found though when looking for them to avoid puzzles that had a lot of blue sky in them. That can get tedious to find the pieces for that part of the puzzle. That is great Sherry can stick with a book even if she doesn't care for it. If it doesn't engage me in the first 20 pages or so, I put it aside.

Glad you were able to take care of some banking business and able to do it online. When I set up all the utility bills, I had to have them in my name only because hubby wasn't there to talk with the customer service reps and I couldn't put his name on there without them speaking directly to him because they had to verify that he was willing to be responsible for the bills too. So after he retired we took a morning to call all the utility companies and get everything in his name too. Was glad when they were all finished and I gave him the passwords to all the accounts so he could access them. I have a lot set on auto pay too but in case something happened to me first, then he won't have to sort it out at that time.

You two have a great day!