Sunday, May 17, 2020

Okay, the inside of my project

NOTE: This morning my 'reading list' is filled with spam. None of my regular blogs are present. So if I am AWOL forgive me while I try to clear this up.

Cars of beauty:
I saw one of these a couple days ago. When I get old I want to get one, maybe a hardtop (less maintenance for an old man) I borrowed a Brand new '55 to drive over to Sherry's home and ask for our first date, how could she refuse? She didn't. Then I picked her up in my '48 Chevy Convertible for the date! ;-)

For Sunday:

My fun Covid-19 project, dry storage under the back deck.  I have about 2 hours of electrical work and it will be finished. I in my younger years or any electrician would be finished in 30 minutes. The only thing left is to tie into a breaker line and install one switch and another outlet.

Since this is basically storage I am installing two outlets and one switch for two lights; very simple electrical.

 This is the walk-in door entrance: Yard tools hanging left and right of the door outside.
 Below is the view as you step in the walk-in door. The John Deere backs out the other door.

This is the Chainsaw collection on the top shelf
 Paint and ceramic tools and supplies on this wall beside the drive out door.

It has been fun and I did add something I have wanted to do. I stacked two push mowers. That way I am not wasting space. I have a simple method of getting the second floor one down.

The bottom mower must be pulled out of its parking spot the top one pulls back lowering the rear wheels to the deck then rolling it back, no ramp needed.

Grass, bush and tree tools on the wall behind the JD>
 Below, I needed a window just to let some light in. That is a fixed glass on a 4' door to outside storage under the stairs. The power weed-eater just rolls out of the way to open the door.
 Most likely, this is the neatest it will ever be, so I figured, take the pictures now. LOL

  It has been fun, onto better things, we leave for the mountains in the morning for a couple weeks. I hope we have an internet signal.  If not, see you on the back swing.
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great project. nice area for storage. you sure look organized. good for you. well done.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

As always you did a great job. Looks like you have plenty of room for everything. Hope you have safe travels, it's been wet and stormy here and I saw on the news that there is some weather coming your way up the east coast. Meanwhile try to rest and relax a while on your trip to the mountains.

Dar said...

Great Job Mountain Man !!! You give nice storage ideas, loving the mower stack. You're one resourceful fella. Nice ride you asked for that first date in. You sure know and love your cars. Me too. I could use one of those power weed eaters. :) We put a bit of garden in yesterday, cold crops. Last night the guys and lil sis went out in the dark with flashlights for night crawlers to catch fish with. I thought I'd follow and watch, take pics, when I missed the bottom step off the deck.......scraped knee done up pretty good. Ouch.
love n' hugs from our gloomy, garden rain Sunday.

Woody said...

Nice Job, Looks very well organized and "Ship Shape" ! I like the way you did it, Really like the window you installed, too often it is very dark inthese places and nothing like natural light ! Safe Travels on the way to the Mountains ! Love from the warming up North ! Gary an Anna Mae !

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh Jack - I agree with what has been said.
A W E S O M E !

Mevely317 said...

Brilliant! I love the idea of hanging garden tools on either side. Chuckling at your 2-story lawn mower solution! Tom's 'he shed' was store-bought; but he, too, has customized the interior with shelving. The only thing, he had to purchase 4 ramps from Harbor Freight to get the John Deere out safely.

bobbie said...

Good job!!!
Safe travels ~

betty said...

Very well done Jack! Now enjoy your rest in the mountains! Safe travels!


Lisa said...

Nice job! Have a safe trip to the mountains. Can’t wait to hear stories, so make sure you make some.

Stay safe