Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Sherry went to the Dollar Store yesterday

Cars of beauty:
'51 Hudson with matching trailer.

For Wednesday:
Lately I am the one usually getting out for Groceries or materials, but today Sherry took her second trip to see her brother Vernon. He is doing good and laid back. But she stopped by for her Greetings cards (Birthdays, anniversaries, Get well, etc. I am not much of a card picker-outer. She wore her mask for the first time. BOTH trips WERE ESSENTIAL!

She found out what I feel, it is harder to understand folks in a mask.

I hope this thing is winding down, BUT now I heard a hint that this is nothing to the NEXT one, etc. I love the pessimistic news of the day, NOT.

I am not a ‘Sky is Falling Down’ type of person. I just read in the past few days that as a child I learned a terrible ‘round’ in Public School. It was called ‘Three Blind Mice!’ The reporter person related it to making fun of blind people, and cruelty to animals, varmints and pests.

 (I found news papers like these in the walls of a house I demolished)

I understand there is a big change in the world today compared to when I was a young’un. But I was raised with the term Jap and Kraut. I do not use that now, but as a child terms were used in the newspapers that are not PC now, I get it. But you cannot change the past.  I still have a newspaper from the mid 40s, the head line is “JAPS SURRENDER!”.  I Know that ain’t cool today, but it was.

Sorry I got carried away. :-O
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Things have changed a lot and there have been many names we no long use. Every imigrant had some kind of name. My dad was called a Hunky as he was Hungariean. We do not here those names any more As I think we've come to respect others heritage. I love the dollar store too for their choice of cards and their prices are reasonable. I haven't been out yet and have been using some every day occasional cards here that I've had on hand. I just write in the message to fit the occasion. Good for Sherry getting out and using her mask too. They are a necessity these days. Glad her brother is doing well too and that they can keep in touch with each other. The big news here is that we're to expect snow on Friday. Very chilly here. Take care and be safe ! Love from Ohio.

Chatty Crone said...

Jack - if everyone wore a mask - for the time being - I think it would really help.
Glad Sherry saw her brother and he is okay.

Mevely317 said...

Thanks for the update on Vernon! And props to Sherry for wearing her mask. I thought about dropping by the Dollar Store this morning, but the number of customers inside made me reconsider. Not sure why I've hung onto them, but I still have a pile of old newspapers -- I think my parents believed they might be valuable someday.

PS - I just went and looked at them. A couple:
From the Santa Fe New Mexican, August 6, 1945: "Los Alamos Secret Disclosed by Truman: Atomic Bombs Drop on Japan." And, the Miami Daily News: "U.S. Accepts Surrender: Jap Emperor to Obey Allies."

betty said...

I do agree, both of Sherry's outings were essential. I do like the dollar store cards. Can usually get two for a dollar here. I wear a mask about half of the time, mostly because I forget it. Here at my temp job no one is wearing one but people are maintaining social distancing.


Dar said...

I wear my bandana and my guy has a mask...we both comply. I even slide mine up when picking up our meds curbside. Some of the family do not. Our Dollar General has the best cards and always 2 for a buck or less. If I get one anywhere else, you pay well over a couple bucks.....not happening~ Stay safe and healthy as you can. We're praying this ends soon tho not too likely.
love n' hugs from up north WI where it's chilly. It's supposed to freeze the next 3 nights....dangitall

yaya said...

I'm glad Sherry's brother is doing good. I made my Dollar Store run on and out in record time...because May is the big b-day month around here..3 Grandkiddos, #3 son, and my Mother's day. So I appreciate that store! Yep, many sayings from the past are now not allowed. And that's a good thing!


the dollar store is the perfect place to get cards. lots of good ones to be had. better safe than sorry with masks on. yep being politically correct is important. using those terms from the past not very nice.