Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Storage project update

Cars of beauty:
 1956 Ford Ranch Wagon towing a Tear Drop camper. The little Tear Drop is making a come back in the RV world.
For Wednesday:
I will try a quick picture up date on my under the deck storage area. It is now dried in. We had one rain during the project so far with a couple simple leaks.

 This is the Deck I am working under Above is the back view, below is a side view from the front. That junk in the way is a work bench I had under the deck.

  First I dug out 15 wheelbarrow loads of dirt to level the area. Then rolled out black paper, then black plastic, to reduce moisture (rot) problems. Then used 2x4 treated floor joists to keep the height down, 

Then lid the flooring of treated plywood.
 I also knew this was going to be close to attach the metal roofing, and it was VERY close. I used 2x6 lumber for joists.

 It is actually hard to tell, but above is showing our back deck, the older wood, then just a few inches below is my new roof. Yes that was danged close to get a screw gun in to attach the roofing.

 The clearance at the back is 4" the front is right at 6" I have only a 2" fall to bring the water off.  From this angel you can see the grey ceiling joist and the deck above. I had to reach a screw gun in two feet to set the metal roofing, TIGHT!
 This is the finished look at the rear. I have a 3' door here. It is hard to believe but that is an excess door from the last house I built over 25 years ago.
This shows the side door, it is 4 feet wide to let me take the riding mower in.

One final thing, I added an awning at the door I cut into the basement on the other basement project.

 On purpose I did not show the inside. Right now it is crammed with mowers & stuff, I will get a pic once it is sorted . LOL
Thanks for reading and following the Shipslog. This is how I am spending my lock down time.  ;-)

Sherry is the bookkeeper, she hasn't said, HOLD IT! (yet!)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is great work and who couldn't use more storage area. Nice place to safely store your mowers and such. Ir looks goos!

Chatty Crone said...

If someone said my hubs and I had to do that project or die - we'd say just shoot us now. No way. How did you do all that yourself?

betty said...

Looking good Jack! Great way to spend your lock down time by being productive like this!


Mevely317 said...

Oh my word! I'm growing weary just looking at all you've accomplished. Gonna make sure Tom DOESN'T see this and get any ideas. LOL.

Woody said...

NICE, You my Dear Friend are a Genius, I have seen Plastic hung from the rafters, Tar Paper streched underneath to catch runoff, never thought about using metal roofing, "Bravo Zulu" Chief! But of course now I have a Garden Shed and a Garage and don't have to use under my deck for storage but Man oh Man could I have used this idea at several other places I lived ! "Loved the Pictures", We got sunshine today and 52 degrees so getting there !! Sending down Love and Healthy Wishs ! Gary an Anna Mae

Rick Watson said...

Somebody has been beaver busy. I really need a space like that so when you're through load up that RV and head down here please :)

Lisa said...

You are doing a really good job! You amaze me.


boromax said...

Well. I am simultaneously impressed, humbled, and jealous. Also, if you'll pardon the expression, "Holy Home Improvement, Batman!" At my tender young age (64) I do not have the agility, stamina, or cleverness to even imagine these projects of yours. But then, most of my adult work-life was spent behind desks and in front of classrooms, so...