Friday, May 1, 2020

Mayday, Mayday

 Cars of beauty:

It is hard to believe that this 50 studebaker, that was sort of a laughing stock BECAME THIS:

 The Golden Hawk in the 55-56 era, then went out of business later Ouch...

For today Saturday:

I have probably said this before, but Mayday (1950) is one of my most memorable days as a fifth-grader; memorable from ‘slight’ embarrassment in front of the whole school. Well maybe not the whole school, but ….. enough of it.

I once owned a pair of homemade white boxer shorts with bright red ½” dots.  In today’s youth society I coulda worn my pants at half-mast and been cool.  (In reality, I despise the trend that is hopefully passing, called ‘jailin’. The trend came from men going to jail and their belts being removed due to a possible use as a weapon, and they had to hold their pants up.

Anyway back to me. Like many children my mama made and repaired most of my clothes. A wornout collar? That lady could rip that sucker out and reverse it in two minutes flat.

Anyway the school was having a maypole dance or some Mayday celebration. As first trumpeter in the band, I was to be the Bugler. I had to have a white shirt and white pantaloons (?) (britches with elastic below the knees with white knee socks).  I was cute and cool, a fantastic (LOL) bugler. BUT that day I decided to wear my underware with RED DOTS! They could be seen thru the white material of my pants when I bent over. OUCH. Many a kid got a good laugh at my expense.  LOL

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Lisa said...

Oh thats too funny!!! I bet you were cute!
I remember the May pole dance. It was one of my favorites.

Happy Saturday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is unforgettable May Day for sure. White pants need white underwear. Bet you never made that mistake again. We're getting some nice Spring weather here to start May off. Hopefully the cold spells have ended for now. Every one wants to plant some flowers and Mother's Day is coming soon. Hopefully I'll be on the receiving end of some flowers myself.

betty said...

Bet you never made that mistake again!! White pants always have disaster associated with them. Hard to keep them clean, etc! Great funny story for today!


yaya said...

Oh my gosh! Don't worry, I'm betting most of your 5th grade friends don't remember that! Happy May...hopefully it will be the month we can slowly start to get back to a more normal life again. Fingers crossed!

Mevely317 said...

What a funny story, Jack! At least you may have given a chuckle (even a smile) to someone who may have needed one.
Never heard the term jailin' -- thanks for the explanation; now maybe I can sound cool? For the record, I too, despise that look.

Chatty Crone said...

That was cute and embarrassing but who buy you remembers?

Dar said...

LOL, you just reminded many of your red dot moment.....I know I'll remember it awhile.with a chuckle. Stuff cute kids are made of and I'm sure you were a cutie. I also cannot stand the 'jailin' look kids are into...not cool at all.
love n' hugs from up north where it topped out at 70 today. A beauty of a day for sure. We got a lot done outside. Have a wonderful remainder of a weekend.