Sunday, May 3, 2020

Copyrights, patents and Cochlear Implants

Cars of beauty:  This '37 Ford was new when my girl discovered America! Both of 'em beauties!


For Monday, today’s stuff:

I know I mentally live under a rock and do not understand the world today, i.e. ‘jailin’’. I have a tough time getting around or working with my ‘pants on the ground’, so why someone would choose to walk ‘straddle-legged’ or continually pulling their pants up, I will not understand.

So I just learned why ‘at times’ when going to a comment or a pointer sent to me I see ‘subject no longer available’ or ‘removed, contents copyrighted’. The sweet ‘TT’               (  )   put a cute parody on her blog of the Kentucky Derby and it was removed. Fortunately I got to see it before it was removed.
                            I just got this one from Susan Kane's blog....

As I said earlier, for some reason I am not exposed to the world as a whole since losing my hearing. I was under the impression when a person used ‘youtube’ they wanted exposure and would want it reposted forever, LOL.

Just the mention of the Kentucky Derby sent my mind back to trips to/thru Kentucky. My first trip I was about 5 yrs old. I loved seeing the horses in the field and was sure I saw my hero horse,”Man-O-War”, out there several times. LOL

Next to the last time we went we camped at or near The Kentucky Horse Park, where ‘Man-O-War is buried. That was quite an experience for someone who loves horses and their history.

The last visit was not for horses, but to visit a blogging friend, ‘Ora.’ We learned thru her blog she had a Cochlear implant. We went to learn, since I was then a candidate for the implant.

That girl and her hubby are a HOOT! I learned so much about the implant; I went ahead and am happy I did. But like many things in life, the visit brought more than good advice. We were treated to some of the BEST life stories I can remember. Both Ora and her hubby Mixon (retired Army Chaplain) are such a joy to know.

Interesting info: One of Sherry’s classmates, Sam, is a professor at Duke. He saw my implants (which are obvious to the most casual observer) and talked to me at a class reunion. The inventor of the implant, friend of his, DID NOT patent it. The technology is available to anyone who wants to use it. I thought, how giving a person like that is, passing up millions $ for the human race.
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Lisa said...

I was just telling Nick how I would love to go to a Derby one day. Of course he just smirked.
I think a lot of inventions are not given credit where credit is due. Even with a Patented invention, someone will come along and make almost and exact thing but better.

Happy Monday

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm so glad you to the benefits of that implant. Now you can hear again, no small matter for sure. Money isn't everything. Lots of people have failed to get something copywrited and lost a lot. me, I'm just happy that right now everything seems to be working right. Got to be thankful for what we do have.

Mevely317 said...

I think Sherry was one of the prettiest babies I've ever seen!
How I'd love to visit that horse park someday. One of the biggest thrills I had as a child was visiting a thoroughbred horse farm near Ocala. It won't happen except in my dreams, but I'd love to sit astride one of those race horses. Just once, and I promise never to ask for anything else ever again. (Ha-ha-ha!) Your journey to and through that implant process is certainly amazing; so happy for you (and Sherry)!

Susan Kane said...

When I was a teen in late 50s and 60s, I was obsessed with the Derby, or Kentucky itself. Today, every time there are horses in a show, they are my focus. My gr-daughter takes lessons every Thursday and she is elegant!

betty said...

I didn't see that parody of the Kentucky Derby so not sure if it is one I saw on Facebook but this one was a horse race with the names being terms from these times like social distancing, quarantine etc. It was so funny both me and hubby were laughing so hard we were crying. Glad you were able to get the cochlear implants so you can hear some a bit better!


Chatty Crone said...

Sherry was a beautiful baby and a beautiful woman. I have never been to the Kentucky Derby - my parents went. Glad you were man enough to get the implants - some men won't admit they need help!

Dar said...

yes, Sherry sure was and is a beauty, inside and out. I'm happy the implants have given you some of your hearing back, partial is better than none, I do know and understand. Oh the Derby......we still watch it on tv. I'd only been through part of beautiful Kentucky's blue grasses once but have never forgotten it. The miles and miles of fabulous horse ranches are amazing. I have never been to a race tho but it's a dream no one can take from me.
love n' hugs from up north where it flurried this morning. I was the sun came out and chased the flakes away. Mother Nature is playing tricks again.

Rick Watson said...

The Derby is quite a thang here in the south. I've never been but I bet it would be an experience.