Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Home, RV and camping

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For Wednesday:

Yes, YES! even in the rain being here in the mountains is refreshing. Now if we were still tent camping it would be different.

I just thought of an incident in the USMC. In the Corps each marine carried what was called a ‘shelter half,’ or half a tent. You were paired with another marine at night and buttoned the halves together for a pup-tent. One night I started trenching my side and my partner said, ‘it ain’t gonna rain I am not trenching.’ Knowing one side only would not prevent rain water, I didn’t finish my trench.

IT RAINED. As water entered, I was trying to sleep on my M1 Rifle perched between my pack and helmet. I finally put on my poncho took my stuff and slept under a tree, a very miserable night. My tent mate was soaked. Marine privates aren’t weather forecasters. WE had some words. I learn hard, but I learn.  Hahahaha.

WE have stayed in Belmont, NC for 3 months. That is the longest we have set in one place in many, many years. Of course our future in the RV is still up in the air. I think we would like to put the house back up for lease/rent but the task of getting rid of all the STUFF is a little too much for us.

So as long as we call the house our home there are gutters to clean, grass to cut, mail to watch out for, and utilities to be paid. We are thinking….

But for right now, we R happy campers. Everyone knows we are not actually camping, we just move our home from place to place. It is more fun to park it in the woods. This is at present, still our ‘legal’ home with a residency in Florida. Most full time RV’ers set up a residence in a state with no state income tax to make life less complicated. We chose Florida; we do love the state (and weather).

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betty said...

Lol about the drenched night outside. Lessons learned indeed. Just continue what you guys are doing Jack. It looks like it is working for you and Sherry.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Enjoy your time at your home on wheels. It may not be real camping, but being in the woods in the mountains provides some wonderful views Yes all the duties of having a home will be waiting for you , but meanwhile just enjoy the view!

Chatty Crone said...

It rained here last night - in fact it rained so hard it came through the door. lol
Enjoy - so would you like to get rid of the house and just live full time in the RV?
Have fun in Florida.

Mevely317 said...

Ooooh, that stinker! I hope he caught pneumonia. (OK. No, not really.)
Big decisions in your future, but it's good to know there's no rush. Gutters, yep. Knowing there's lots we still need to do around our house almost makes me wish we'd chosen a condo. I've a blog/FB friend who recently compares me (and herself) to Lisa on Green Acres. LOL.

Woody said...

Thanks for the Reading Material, Well, we have warmed up ! It is 74 in the shade, that is OK but it makes it well, Rather warm in the yellow object in the Sky,, I refuse to use the 3 letter H - - work yet as it was a long cold winter ! Glad you are in the Wood's !!!! It is gonna be a nice summer as it is only gonna get nicer. Enjoy Yourselves , sending down love and warm thoughts ! Gary & Anna Mae

Lisa said...

I love Beltown and Florida. I would love to live in Florida...I think. Heck I have only visited Florida two times and that was for commercials.
I would love to camp under the trees.

From rainy gtown