Thursday, May 28, 2020

That Promise (Maybe a plan)

Cars of beauty: My car was a 48 chev, the car Vondale drove was a '48 also but a Fleetline like below.

For Friday: (Pics from the net, too much rain and clouds for our own)
We sit here in the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, about an hour and half from where I met Sherry. After we started dating, we and our best friends would head off for a Sunday afternoon drive. We could make it to Blowing Rock, NC and back before church on Sunday night.

At times we would switch drivers so each couple could smooch in the back seat. Neither one of these goody goody girls would go any further than a long kiss. HA! (She did stay busy warning and moving wandering hands.) Still today I tell her, ‘you shoulda!’ And she will say, ‘I wanted to, but what would mama have thought!’ 

BUT just the other day we took a ride. We drove up to Blowing Rock; both of us looking for the same thing, a particular house. Over 63 years ago we were on the same road two lanes then, weaving up the mountain. And there on the side of a giant hill was a beautiful home with a big green yard. Sixteen yrs old and at one of my ‘BIG PLAN’ moments I promised her that home or one like it. WE HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN THAT EXACT TIME, the home looked like a lover’s dream. It was overlooking a beautiful valley. She did marry me, but she never did get ‘that house.’

 The wind across this rock is said to be so strong at times it could raise a human in the air, many lover's tales here.

Most of our married life we rented and lived in trailers. I was in my 40s when, at her suggestion, I started building. Carpentry turned into General Contracting and as the business grew I (we) have built 3 beautiful homes for us, each one I would tell her, I never did get you that house in mountains. She always said, “It doesn’t matter, I got you.” This girl could have done better, but I am sure glad she said YES and settled for a 26’ trailer with a BATH TUB!
 Note of interest. The Green Mountain Inn of Blowing Rock (I believe) is the largest wooden hotel in the USA, On the nat'l registry as 129 years old.I cannot verify that stuff, but have heard it. Probably no hotel wants to be advertised as wooden. It is ten times larger than this picture and made of an extinct chestnut wood.......
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  PS: We have seen the house many times since the first time. .BUT..We did not see ‘the promised house’ this trip. One we saw could have been it, but trees blocked our view. OF course the road now is a 4 lane road, and rerouted in some places. We had hoped to see it. Rain & clouds prevented our  pictures of the great vistas of Blowing Rock.


jack69 said...

PS2: It was 1956, and that Bathtub was a 4' one, and long before showers were normal. My girl fit quite well in it. ;-)

Mevely317 said...

Oh darn! I was so hoping you'd have had another glimpse of 'your' promised house. What a sweet picture of first love you've woven with your words!
I've never heard of the Green Mountain Inn, but it sure looks pretty. All this time, I thought that 'all wood' honor went to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Sometimes I get to musing about re-visiting places from my past, then conclude they're better left in my memories.

betty said...

I was wondering if you had seen the house. Sorry you didn't see it. I hope it is still there! I think you have lived in great houses over your years together.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Unlike you I did get to havae my dream house. We'd drove past it for many years and finally one time it went up for sale and we bought it. Lived there for 17 happy years and raised my family there. It is wonderful when dreams come true. Sorry you've had so much rain and missed seeing yours. Hope you get a break in the weather soon. It's not so much where we live but with whom we live and you've got the best housemate ever. Both of you make for one great couple!

Susan Kane said...

Sometimes driving by a dream house many many times sorta "makes" it yours. I have done that for decades, this one house on Washington St. Pittsfield Il. The owners have maintained it and it is still fabulous.

My Tata's Cottage said...

You have such a knack for storytelling. I love love stories when I hear about you and Sherry I smile. Our youngest daughter is a newlywed and we just visited them and loved watching them together. I always enjoy your collectible cards you share. Our oldest daughter and a son-in-law work for Hagerty Ins. They insure so many fascinating cars. :-) Enjoy your weekend and I am sorry you did not see your special house. Hugs to you both across the miles .

Dar said...

The Blue Ridge Mt.s look so incredible, yet danger lurks to the not-knowing with the power of wind. Home is where the heart is and you two have had many such homes, even tho it wasn't that exact one you saw at 16. I'm also familiar with The Grand Hotel on the Mackinac Island. It's a treasure trove of well maintenance that everyone should have the pleasure of seeing. The gardens and homes of the island are all such spectacular sights. Have you been there? Take Sherry on a horse-drawn carriage ride.
loven'hugs from up north WI where it went from the 80's to the chilly upper 50's today. Temperature shock !!!!

yaya said...

I think the memories of that house are better than seeing the actual one again. It sounds like you were both lucky in love and compliment each other perfectly. Your wife was right...she got you and my Dad used to say that a house was just a's the people inside that make it a home. I'm sure the ones you built were filled with all the important things in life...even without a mountain view! Take care.

Lisa said...

Sweet memories and if you had that house, then you wouldn’t have the fun stories of going back to see it.

Stay safe