Monday, May 18, 2020

I’m Cheap (maybe conservative?)

Cars of beauty: 1982 Dodge Aries

For Tuesday:

I am cheap and old fashioned. 

Do you use soap in the way ‘god’ (little g) created it, as a bar? My Sherry uses some fancy stuff in a bottle. (Now I will admit, she does smell and FEEL great after a shower.) She also uses shampoos and rinses and stuff.

I was taught things the RIGHT (or Marine) way early from a DI on Parris Island. “You don’t need that girly shampoo crap, there ain’t room in your pack for it. WE Marines use a bar of soap! That works for any cleaning. If you are tough enough you can brush your teeth with it.” (I never got that tough! LOL) 

It has been ‘hinted’ that using soap vs shampoo on my hair ‘killed’ the roots. LOL. If that were true my mama should have been bald; she used lye soap for years. :-O

WE do have pump soap at every sink and vanity. I use that most times for my hands. BUT, what brought this subject up is my hand soap. I noticed during my last shower my soap is 4 colors.

 I am not dedicated to any hand soap brand. The last I bought was Dial, it was the least expensive. As my bar wears down to a sliver, I mold it into my new bar. I have changed colors 4 times now and have them all. LOL  Yep I do buy the cheapest soap.

Up until I was 6 we used mama’s home-made lye soap. Somehow she used hog fat in making it. I think that because soap making was right at hog killing time.  Mama & daddy cut the big soap hunks into bars of all shapes using the butcher knife.

As a kid in a tin tub and later in a bath tub, I liked Ivory because it floated like a boat, lye soap did not.. LOL

We are set up at Green Mountain, near Lenoir NC. We have a great sight, a little rain and about 70 degrees. One small incident. I backed into a tree and put some 'character' in our roof ladder. Things like this I can handle and repair, not a big problem, backing 6 more inches would have been a problem LOL.

 Be Safe and live well.
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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

With your hair style, using a bar of soap would be ok, but not many of us would want to do that. I haven't use d a bar of soap in a long time.I like the shower gels with some moisturizer. And always use a nice shampoo and conditioner on my hair. It's nice to see you all on the road again. Looks like a nice site, but ouch on the ladder. Now you have something else to fix. Enjoy the trip!

Woody said...

I am a Lava Soap User with a bristle brush, Love seeing that Sign and Flags at your "Site", we miss camping !! OH BOY, Anna Mae brought the Mail in and as Gomer said: "Surprise, surprise, surprise " There was a nice little Gift, well appreciated from Amazon, Your Book, Johnny, "The Trail and Trials" , Nice, "Thank You", Sending down appreciation, Love and hoping you enjoy the Camping in the Mountains !!! Gary an Anna Mae !!!!

Mevely317 said...

I hadn't thought of Ivory soap in years! Yep, that was the best part of having to take a bath. I bought a bar of soap (can't recall the brand) a couple years ago because someone said rubbing it on a mosquito bite was guaranteed to stop the itch. (Nope, didn't work.) I remember my grandfather and uncle coming home from the field and washing their hands with that nasty Lava soap. I suppose the rest of us had to use it as well, but I can't for the life of me remember.

Susan Kane said...

Your RV managed to survive, thankfully.

My gr-mas had made their own soap, but when ready-made was available, the ash and rendered fat were forgotten. Mom used Ivory for us kids, since it didn't get lost in murky bath water.

Being on the road would be refreshing.

betty said...

Glad you got there safely and have a great attitude about the ladder! We used Ivory soap growing up. Then Dial and Irish Springs. Now I use whatever bath liquid soap is the cheapest. Enjoy your time in the mountains.


Lisa said...

Im with Sherry on the good smelling stuff thought I do have some liquid Ivory that I use currently. Smells good and I am a believer in Ivory.
I do not use bar soap because it gets gooey.

Be careful up there