Saturday, May 30, 2020

Stuff, but mostly Mary Ann…

Cars of beauty: I have used this on before. This was at a service station in Inverness FL, the driver favored Rick of Life 101!

For Sunday’s stuff:
WE are winding down a short vacation in the mountains. It has rained some every day and at times all day. LOL … But we came up just to relax and walk in the mountains if we could. It has been a good time in spite of the weather.

WE have a wonderful friend who lives on top of this mountain. On her way home she stops to chat. Mary Ann is a beautiful, tall woman. Sherry has known her most of her life, I met her in 1954. One of my most successful books is entitled Mary Ann. It is a spoof about her being kidnapped from her home on top of this mountain and flown to a hidden location to be groomed and sold as arm-candy for a wealthy man. LOL

 Mary Ann NOW!    Below is  Sherry holding Debbie Mary Ann's first
 Mary Ann when I first met her!

As for Mary Ann, I have never seen this woman without a smile. Sherry was being kept up on her situation on our trip Fri. Thursday night she had text’d Sherry to say they had found a 100% blockage during a stress test so she was going in 6AM for a stint. Her last line was, “So I don’t have to cook tomorrow!” with smiley emicons. ….. She has had many physical setbacks.

Sherry text’d back, “We will be praying. We will be praying, this is just like you, looking on the bright side.” 

Things did not go well. She is now in ICU in an induced coma. She needs prayers and some positive thinking. So thanks for your help in those areas.

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 PS: Clearing up a previous post about the Green MT Inn of Blowing Rock I tried to verify the size, but could not find it. However I had forgotten, we have seen the Grand Hotel on Mackinac and it is larger than  Green Mt.Inn. So we Carolinian's probably have over blown the Inn.  :-O 


Mevely317 said...

Oh no! I was NOT expecting to read this about Mary Ann's status. Smiling, recalling that book; I think it was the first I read. Of course, I'm joining you and Sherry in prayer right now.
You're heading back today? Safe travels!

betty said...

Oh how sad. Definitely will say a prayer for Mary Ann. Looks like a sweetheart!


Chatty Crone said...

Oh my gosh - I am soooooooooo sorry. I will send up prayers! Sandie

Woody said...

Sorry you had so much Rain on your Mini Vacation to the Mountains !
Prayers for Mary Ann !
Gary & Anna Mae

Lisa said...

I have been in touch with Mary Ann’s daughter Robin. I continue to pray for this sweet woman and her family.

From the camper