Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It costs just as much

Cars of beauty:
  2000 Taurus, My buddy Sonny had a Taurus, he loved it. I know of one accident it was totaled, he bought it back and had it repaired. (Now he might have done that twice, Not sure)

For Thursday:
I started to contact my retirement pay group to have my income tax withdrawal increased, since we had to pay this year. Then I thought, hey, it costs just as much to wait and pay or have it taken out monthly.

It is kinda like filling your fuel tank at the ½ mark or near the big ‘E’. (I call the E on my gas guage ‘excitement’!) I do get excited when I don’t pay attention and notice I am near or at ‘E.’  The amount of gas you  use will stay the same.

Playing it too close either way, can cause trouble. If you owe at the end of the year and did not prepare for it, it ain’t good.
If you have ever pushed the gauge and run out of gas, ‘at ain’t good either.
You can pretty well trust a gas gauge on cars over the past 20 years, but there was a time you had better not trust it down around excitement, because I have, and walked to get gas, so I TRY to fill up at the ½ mark.
My daddy told of gas gauges on the T & A Model Fords that changed going up or down hill.
Did you ever buy $1, $2 or $3 worth at a time? Or have you always been a “Fill-r-up” driver.
Do you fill up below ½ or above?
Have you ever run out of gas?
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  PS: I ask because I have noticed since we have sat here a few months, I don’t pay enough attention and the little warning light has come on a couple times.
On the road In the coach I pay very close attention.               


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't take chances and always fill up at 1/2 mark. Ir's pretty much stayed that way for over a month now and even though gas is cheap right now, I have no place to go. I've never run out of gas and don't want to. I do the it out around the block just to make sure it still runs, but I've been confined at home and don't need to go any place as the kids bring the groceries to me these days.

Woody said...

Good Post, I always fill up between 1/2 and 1/4 Tank, I remember filling up the old 55 Ford an paying $.21 cents a gallon and Father kept gallon Jugs of used Oil we would run thru Cheese Cloth and Papermill Felt and reuse if car needed Oil ! Father drove a 47 Plymouth, 3 speed, in the winter we would go to the furnace, get a shovel of red hot coals and slide it under the car under the Oil Pan to warm up the Oil !
Of course the Temperature was about 40 below Zero !!!! Oh well, Good Memories !!! You and Sherry stay Safe and Healthy ! Take care, love from Gary an Anna Mae !

yaya said...

I've never run out of gas. I have paid .25 a gallon. I usually fill up around 1/2 full. I have had boyfriend's claim they ran out of gas! 😉

betty said...

Hubby likes to fill up at half tank. Son runs on empty with the light on and when asked he will say he can go 20 more miles. He did run out of gas 1 time but could coast to the gas station as he was just a block away. Who knows what taxes will be like for next year. I think I would hold the course and see what to do then.


Mevely317 said...

A loooong time ago my BF and I'd put .25-cents in her Morris Minor -- guaranteed an evening's worth of fun.

One of the worst experiences of my life came on Christmas Day when, headed home to Texas, our car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere New Mexico. Poor planning on my (former) husband's part left a deep imprint, because I grow nervous when the gauge gets down to the last quarter. Tom's far more optimistic and frequently flirts with the "E." As far as I know, he's never run out … or, at least, would be too embarrassed to admit it!


loved your post. made me smile. my hubby fills it up a little bit at a time. when we were commuting to chicago he would always run close to empty cause gas was so expesive. he would refuse to stop even though car appeared to be running on fumes. one day fate finally caught up with him and he ended up on empty with a car that wasn't going anywhere. cops had to come by and give him a couple gallons so he could be on his way. i don't take any chances, i fill it all the way up, but he still doesn't.

Lisa said...

When I was a teenager, I wore the roads out by just adding 2 or 5 dollars to my tank and drove it to empty, But since I met Nick, my tank never goes below 3/4! We filler er up every Sunday weather she needs it or not.
I used to have a Taurus too. Great cars but love my Escape lots better.

boromax said...

I always try to fill up around the 1/2 mark. Don't always git 'r' done, tho'. Still, I don't remember when was the last time I actually ran out of gas and had to walk to get a couple of gallons in a can so I could drive back to the station. I remember days when I could only put in a few dollars worth at a time. But I have been a fill 'er up guy for a long time now. Charge card, ya know.

Dang! I hate having to pay more taxes at the end (beginning?) of the year. I miss the days when we could expect a decent refund.