Sunday, May 10, 2020

Our Mothers

Cars of beauty:
 1905 Cupell 8 Horse power, NEW when my mama was born.

For Sunday: (Sorry I am late, got side tracked!)

This is Mother’s day; so HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to every mother who reads this.

I was fortunate to have the perfect mother. I am sure it was all the practice, 7 births with 5 that survived to adulthood. I ended up the baby. 

I NEVER saw that lady upset. When she administered discipline with a switch or lecture, it was always with love.  Anyway I miss her. I was fortunate to have a mother in law who was also Special and a great mother.

Mama and her baby boy at 16.
Happy Mother’s Day MAMA, I still think of you, I know your dreams have come true, you have all your kids again, except me, and it won’t be much longer and I will be there.

I was so fortunate to have a great Mother-in-Law. Sherry also had a wonderful mother. She passed away at an early age of 61.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY Susie Geneva.
 Sherry and her mama, just before the birth of our first son Jack jr.

Nana Diana has a very good entry for today,

Sherry will get carry out from Red Lobster today. It will be shared by Jack Jr. and some of Mark’s family. Mark will call, he is back in Florida.


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Mevely317 said...

Hey, wait a minute, Jack! MY mother was the perfect mom. (*smile*)
I'm no expert, but I think Mr. God chooses those ladies who are each perfect for us.
Seriously, this is a wonderful tribute to your momma and Susie. Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day to Sherry.

NanaDiana said...

Oh, Jack- This post put a big lump in my throat when you said it wouldn't be long before you joined your Mama. I hope it is a good long time yet and that you enjoy good health for many years to come. I am so glad you had a good mom because I am sure that made you a better man. Hugs- Diana

Woody said...

I think we all had the Perfect and not so perfect mother in my opinion !
But then again I just might not have been that sweet cheeked little perfect young man !!! I did enjoy NanaDiana post about mothers ! Stay Healthy and warm, sending down Happy Mother's Day Wishes to Sherry !
Love from the Frozen North Country !!!! Gary and Anna Mae


sounds like you both had great mamas. Happy Mother's Day Sherry.

Lisa said...

Such a sweet message to your mom.
Red Lobster sounds good! Tell Sherry I said HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

lots of love

betty said...

Happy Mother's Day to Sherry! Great post of tribute to your mom and Sherry's mom!! Take your time getting to go and be with your mom. Remember, you'll have all of eternity to be together, but we would like you here for a very long time before that. The majority of moms are wonderful out there and for those moms who maybe aren't ready to be moms, there are other moms ready to step in by fostering or adopting, all according to God's wonderful plan!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Where would we be without our mothers, no where for sure. I'm sure those wonderful motherers of yours helped to make the perfect couple that you two are. You both had good examples to follow. Happy Mother's day to Sherry!