Monday, May 11, 2020

Neighboring states that open up

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Be Safe, I made the mistake of sitting and trying to watch the news on TV. I was more confused after 15 minutes than I was before it started.

Funny this, (not). Restaurants opening in one state and the neighboring states do not. Causing a major problem with restaurants. Case in point here in NC we are still shut down, SC just a few miles down the road are open. Of course folks who want to eat out are driving South just a few miles passing closed NC restaurants

Sorta like the state with a higher gas tax than the neighboring states, it is tough to operate a profitable gas station on the border of that state. SC touts gas at less than NC.  NJ & PA have lower gas prices than NY.

For many years GA even undersold SC. So folks like us would fill up at the last station in GA when we went south to Florida.

I know there is not good answer to that, it is what it is, but it is still interesting. 

Well, so much for nothing to say. LOL

Y’all stay safe, I hope you  understand the NEWS, I sure do not. I’m outta here.

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PS:  Sherry hosted a fireside Hardee's crowd carry out breakfast Monday in our picnic area. She owes Evelyn for 2 gravy biscuits she forgot to pay for, but at least we were legal, 8 people. It was a little cool and too windy but fun was had by all, I hope.


betty said...

That outdoor breakfast sounded like fun,! People need to do more of that I think! News is confusing indeed. I don't even watch it any more. Arizona opened its hair salons Friday. Up to a 2 hour wait for a haircut. California doesn't even have a day where they are opening up their salons. No word yet when churches can be opened again. I snuck in a visit with the wee one. Plan to do it again this weekend.


Mevely317 said...

Yummmmm on that Hardees feast!
No, I don't think you're a 'lone ranger' about not understanding the news. Wouldn't be surprised to learn that's not the media's intent -- to confuse and scare us ordinary folks. Like Facebook, I keep saying I'm not going there -- but of course, that never lasts.

Alabama's loosening its grip on merchants and personal care providers, effective yesterday. Already we've had calls from my our pest control service, my hairdresser and the girls' groomer!

Woody said...

The Garden Fire "Hardees Feast" sounded fun, I don't watch much news, It's fake, sometimes 1 sided, sometimes lop sided, not News but someone's opinion on what they feel we should hear or be told ! Funny some States are open, some are not, We suffer up here in the North Country as we are Judged by New York City events, sickness, and it's sad ! Oh Well, Doctor's appointment went well this morning, I am losing my hearing in left ear due to all the Ear Tubes and Scar tissue on ear drum, awful ! You and Sherry stay Healthy !! Sending Love down your way ! Gary an Anna Mae

Chatty Crone said...

Well being in Georgia - the first state opened - I still have mixed feelings. I will tell you this - it did not open over night and is still not totally opened. There are so many guidelines to follow some of the stores and places have not opened. I already know three of our favorite places have closed for good - wonder if it will look like a ghost town when it is all over. sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Our Arrow ia starting to open up. I think I rather do like your Sherry and get it out and spring it home.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is our state not our Arrow. typing error - sorry !

Rick Watson said...

Jilda and I both observe social distancing and wear masks. There are so many people here who think the virus is nothing but a bad cold. For some folks, it might not be that much of an issue, but for some, it can be life-threatening.
We have friends who are younger than us that have been very sick for over a month.

Lisa said...

I was actually thinking about the Hardees crowd while reading this post then saw your “PS”. It made me smile.
How nice of her to host a breakfast picnic with friends.
Maybe I can get Nick to take me to South Cackalaki this weekend.

Stuck in NC