Monday, December 13, 2021

Careful what you ‘search for’ on the net, Belmont, NC…

  Memorable car of the day:

This car, a Mercury, was NEW when I first saw the small town of Belmont, NC, it was 1954.....

For today, Local info:

I remember an old saying, “Careful what you wish or pray for!”

I know the term for finding something now is: ‘Google it’. BUT I am from the old giant computers where we had to ‘Search.’ So I search the net for a lot of info. Be careful what you search for….

I simply wanted to know the population of this small town in 1950. So STATISTICS popped up along with the population. SHOCKED OUT OF MY GOURD my sister Shirl used to say. 94% of the USA small towns are safer than Belmont, NC. Our crime rate is 125% higher than the National Average. I first thought ‘I have the wrong Belmont!’ But NOPE!

Our crime rate is just a bit below the city of Charlotte, NC.  Our neighboring city of Mt. Holly is 50% safer than most small towns. WHAT?

Looking at the Belmont Map, the worst Crime rate is the once sedate area known as ‘Browntown’ (Named because of the # of people there named Brown, great folks, true!) then across the boulevard, thru our little downtown, down to the rail road tracks….. Our home, near S.Point High School, is a medium crime area.  A person in Belmont has a 1 in 20 chance of being a victim of serious crime. OUCH.

I bet y’all moving here from Charlotte didn’t know that! I sure didn’t, To be honest, for some reason, this is the Booming area of housing for the City of Charlotte. Homes here have doubled, some tripled their appraised value. They cannot be built fast enough.

Our CITY population is now over 15,000. With twice that just outside the limits. In 1950 the entire population was 5,330. People did not lock their homes and keys were left in most cars. We had 9 policemen then, now we have 50.

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PS: As a ‘former’ builder, I honestly thought our biggest problem with all this growth would be available water and sewer. Joke is on me.

PS2 Statistics from law enforcement and the FBI!


Mevely317 said...

Isn't Google an amazing resource? I've not fact-checked, but from what friends say, my own hometown is experiencing more of the same. Even Tom, who grew up in a south Chicago suburb, used to talk about leaving doors unlocked and keys in the car. No more. Can't remember how/why, but I struck up a conversation with a lady from Chicago a few months back. She's black, yes, but said "Folks in Chicago would just as soon shoot you as look at you." Sad.

Glenda said...

It's SCARY, we have a lot of crime here. Home from my scopes around 5:30 p.m. Love my Doc, staff lovely and caring. Scheduling was an issure: Originally early morning appointment. Yesterday call, "you have to switch to afternoon", Me "Okay, what time"..."we'll call you tomorrow mid-morning". I set my phone to "ignore" calls, texts and pings. At 9 a.m. got a voicemail saying "Your schedule has revised, be here at 11:00 a.m. - and I'm in jammies. My good buddy who had arranged to be my driver was out for a long walk and didn't have his phone.
"YOU CANNOT TAKE A TAXI OR OTHER TRANSPORT." My bestie neighbor who took me and brought me home (another rule) is in Illinois with her Mom and family. Oh boy! Called my lawn guy who I've known since the early 20 teens, and his wife, who I love, and 3 year old arrived at 10:30. I was a flipped out mess of nerves. However, she calmed me down, got out her Driver's license to show registration and promised (as required) to pick me up when discharged. Thanking God for iPhones with GPS and a lawn guy with a womderful wife who, incidently left herjob, with permission, to come get me.
So, now had my first food since Sunday morning and I'm turning in!! Nighty, night from Chobee. Love y'all, Glenda

betty said...

It is interesting when you find out statistics like this! Whenever we have thought of moving some place else, hubby starts researching the area, cost of living, housing, schools when the kids were school age, crime rate, etc. So much useful information out there when we go looking for it! We "toy" with the idea of moving some place else, and in doing some reading about towns, it is surprising to see what we thought would be a safe area to prove not to be that safe. We did the same when we were looking to buy houses here in the Phoenix area. We searched crime statistics and both areas we bought houses had low ones (so far so good :)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Times are certainly changing ... and not for the better.

Keep safe and God bless. Wishing you a wonderful time always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Small town growth can cause a lot of problems, but who knew it would bring criminals. Sadly our area is known for a lot of drug use, but we are to growing here, our numbers have shrunk and a lot of undireables have moved in the area and a lot of good folk moved out due to the lack of industry. Times do have a way of changing things. At least now you are forewarned. Be careful and keep safe.

Lisa said...

Wow. I thought Belmont would be a safe place. Me and Ashley were just down there last weekend. We ate at Sammys, walked through the park to look at the Christmas trees and then to the cookie shop. I always feel safe in Belmont. Now here in Gastonia, is another story. I bet our crime rate beats Charlotte.