Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Cranking a car and staying overnight

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Ahhh that Nash Metropolitan in the 50s I restored a couple of them. Ran and handled great. Power plant was a sweet MG engine.

For today:

I smiled once reading Rick’s blog down in Bama. He mentioned cranking his truck. I KNEW me meant starting the truck.  Have you used that term?  It comes from a time when there were cars that you cranked by hand. The Hand crank fit into the engine just under the radiator.  I am so old there were still a few cars and tractors that started with a hand crank, when I was a kid.

Starting cars was a ‘normal’ problem up into the 50s. In the early days of cars folks would park on a hill or any incline so they could let their car roll off and start it by ‘dropping the clutch and let the momentum of the car turn the engine to start it. This was usually done with the car in 2nd gear.

Soooo yesterday I was thinking about that and wondered what the folks in the flat lands did to start a car with a dead battery. I know there were times around here when no hill was readily available that a car was pushed by several men and boys to get it started, by dropping the clutch with the car in gear.


Now keep in mind a car had to have a manual (or straight) transmission to roll or push start.

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And then back a long time ago Daddy told me of stopping at a farm house (during the depression) and chopping fire wood or paying 50 cents for a place to sleep in the barn and breakfast. He said people appreciated the 50 cents more because money was hard to come by.

Then came Tom Bodett, who said, “------- we’ll keep the light on for you!” He was advertising Motel 6, where they had a room for $6. I shudder when I hear people talking about paying $125+ for a place to sleep for the night.



PS:Pushing a car, of course if you had a buddy with a car and the bumpers matched he could push you to start

 That automatic spellcheck can get you. This one just Changed Bodett’s name to Bidet.


Yeah here I am about old people again…. Sorry. ;-)


Glenda said...

You may remember from visiting our family in Missouri, we had an old station-wagon that I piled nine kids in (and still had room for Mother, the last one to get in the car)! It didn't have a had crank - but our old Case tractor did. It was always parked at the top of the hill near the silo. When it was contrary, we hit the clutch and let her role down until it started purring! Oh gosh, reading your blog take me down those old country trails!!! All the fun..."A PIG sit on a chair???"

And, YES. I have no idea where some of the stuff that I put in a "safe place" is. But I resolve in 2022 to have one spot for safekeeping and only one. Perhaps a large cardboard box marked "safe place" is the answer. And, to label EVERYTHING! WHEN we got "Christmas" down from the loft up high in the wooden shed, not a single box had felt tip marker noting what was in it. Never again, however, I got started early with Christmas surprises and that's cool.
Love and hugs to you two, your boys and their girls and all of the Grands! Be safe on the highways and byways...Love, Love,Love the sweet Darnells, Glenda

Victor S E Moubarak said...

It is so fascinating reading about them days on your Blog. Thank you so much, Jack. What a treasure of memories.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yes, I'm always putting things in a safe place. So safe no one's ever going to find it. I never had to crank a car but the term was often used when talking about starting a car. We have it so easy now, just turn the key or push a button. Spell check often gets to me too. It is almost impossible for me to spell saute without it changing it.

Mevely317 said...

I'm not familiar with 'cranking' a car ... but sure appreciate (and accomplish) those who knew!

Yep, I sure remember Motel 6's ad slogan. Gosh, that $ wouldn't likely even pay the room's hot water bill today. I don't recall what I paid (ca. 1972) when I stayed there, but it was surprisingly clean. That's funny about Tom Bodette (Bidet).

yaya said...

I never had to crank a car but I do feel good when I can get the wood splitter started! I couldn't find my candles I bought last year for my windows at Christmas. I looked everywhere. I finally found them in the place I had looked probably 3 times before. I just didn't dig deep enough! Glad I found them! I thought about paying to sleep in the barn. Reminded me of a couple that had to sleep in a barn and their baby had to sleep in the manger! Imagine that.

betty said...

It is outrageous with the costs of some hotels/motels for a single night's stay and most of the time one is not in the room but only a few hours. Yet we continue to pay for the privilege of the convenience of staying where we want to when we want to!