Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clean cars

This is the little Smart Car. Have you seen any around? I have seen four or five.

I slept in again today. I have no problem doing that. Of course I am usually up until 1 or 2 AM. I took a copy of ‘Rags’ down to the Chief of Police today. I also dropped one off for the Mayor. Took my news release to two of the local papers and mailed the other. ‘Gracefully Grasping for Dignity’ is doing well by word of mouth locally.

It is supposed to be cooler here for a few days, but nothing like you Big BoysUp north and mid west. We get cold when it switches from short sleeves to long sleeves. Hahaha! I did wash the van today, maybe tomorrow I will clean the inside, then maybe not. Cars and I get along as long as they are mechanically sound. I can handle a dirty car. On the other hand, once I wash the car and clean it up, I like it much better and declare up and down, I will keep it clean, but I do a lot of backsliding. When we were in Guantanamo Bay, I could get by with a dirty car because we weren’t allowed to wash cars from the local water source which is a huge desalinization plant. Some of the very gung ho folks saved their A/C condensation water and kept their vehicles clean. I could do that every once in a while, but not on a regular basis.

Some folks are neat-nics. Shirl’s car always looks like it was just hand polished and it is pretty. She drives a Black Honda (super duper). Black is one of the best colors for a vehicle, if you keep it clean. (And the worst if you don’t).

I think the very small ugly cars are the best for the country, no matter the color. The problem is accidents and speed. Driving a Smart Car, I would hate to challenge a Chrysler 500, Expedition or Suburban to a head on collision at any speed. Have you seen the little smart car? They are cute.

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shirl72 said...

My car runs better when it is clean. When you
let it get dirty people will write you notes.
I would hate to run into a Hummer with one of the little cars. Maybe we should have kept the
57 Isetta. It was a fun car.


Monica said...

I think the Smart car is cute myself however, I always worry what would happen if you went head to head with any other car at any speed.

Clean black cars really do look great don't they! I don't have a black car for that very reason - I don't clean mine enough. ::sigh::


Randy said...

Hello Mr. Jack,

My Mazda looks like I've been Mud bogging most of the time since I live a dirt Road!lol I just tell people it's what holds it to together! Hope everything is going well!

God Bless


Paula said...

Boy you could drive right under an eighteen wheeler in one of those. I'm sending some poems by snail mail just so you can choose or not. Thanks.

Debbie said...

I'm glad Gracefully Grasping for Dignity is doing well. I still haven't made it to Terri's neck of the woods to pick up Rags yet.

Well Jack, I have to be honest with you that smart car is one ugly little car in my opinion. It looks like one little puff of wind would blow it away. I haven't seen any of them around here but from the picture it looks like it has low profile tires, if so it gets two thumbs down, hahaha. My nephew has a little Geo Metro that gets 42 mpg but he doesn't like to drive it on the interstate because the big rigs can't see him.

I do like the looks of black on certain vehicles but I wouldn't want one myself they are too hard to keep clean. They also show up scratches easily too.


Sheila Y said...

I agree they are cute cars, but I too would fear driving one in traffic. I haven't seen one here yet. Have a great day, Sheila
Hope Sonny is doing better...

betty said...

those Smart cars are just too darn cute! except they scare me thinking of putting them on a Southern California freeway in the midst of rush hour traffic; but love their gas mileage


Rose said...

Those Smart Cars look adorable. I don't know if I would feel all that safe it it though.

In Florida, we can get away with not washing the car every week like I had to when I lived in New England.

I'm considering buying a new car soon. I drive a tank of a Mercury Grand Marque that is 11 years old and would like to have a smaller car and not so much of a gas gussler. The Milan is nice. I have no clue what I would like but since you mentioned the color Black...they are sharp but they really need to be cleaned often to look good.

Hugs, Rose

Debbie said...

Well it looks like I'm out numbered on the little Smart car everyone else thinks it cute. But what can I say I drive a '94 Pontiac Sunbird granny car, hahaha. I've had it for 10 years next month and hope to have it another 10 years. Gary had a Capri grandpa car before he got his truck and that big car got better gas mileage than my 4 cyl. does.