Friday, March 27, 2009

This is our home today, a 2000 Monaco Diplomat. The main reason we have it is the two slide outs, to make more interier room when parked.
This is our 1990 Overland Bus, This was a super motor home. We loved it.

This was the test vehicle. A Toyota RAnger. We bought it to see if we really wanted a Motor home. WE did. Ah.hhhhhhhhhh the fun we had in this little jewel. WE were not fulltime in this one of course.
Today's excitement......................................

Shirl is taking us out to Dinner…..
She is my booking agent… Got a gig at Holy Angels

Speaking of Travel……
Most folks know we live in our motor home. It is our choice. We moved from a nice home and hit the road. Our choice of the motor home comes from trial and error. Years ago we started with a tent when the boys were small. Then I built us a pop-up trailer. We bought a used folding camper that was a trailer box with two double beds that flipped out under a canopy. The next thing was a travel trailer, then another travel trailer. When retirement came into view (four or five years before) we looked for and bought a cheap motor home, a little Toyota, 21 ft. We found we loved that little thing, so we started looking seriously for a large motor home. We found a 38ft. Overland, a beautiful big bus. We used our home equity to buy it. Then we went full time in the RV. Our house is rented, and we have nothing to tie us down.
When we first started living and traveling, it was before cell phones were big. I would look over at Sherry and say, “You know what? We are the only ones in the world that know where we are right now.”
Now since we have cell phones folks can call anytime. I can lie, and say we are in Louisiana if I want to, they will not know the difference. HA! But then Sherry won’t let me
It is very strange, when we are away from the Belmont area we walk and exercise. We even usually eat healthy. But here we find too much else to do and we eat out a lot. But traveling as we do can be a healthy life style. We love to walk in small towns when we get the chance. You know you could never be a part of that little town, but you can think back to when you lived in a little town.
I never will forget once in Kansas we were staying the night near a small town. I went in looking for a grease gun. One of the businesses said he did not have one for sale but I could use his, and since it was close to closing time just bring it back and put it on the steps. I did not use his, but I have never forgot the neighborliness.

Nite Shipslog
I don't feel old.. I don't feel anything until noon. Then it's time for my nap. - Bob Hope

I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it.
- W. C. Fields

We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through Congress.- Will Rogers


Paula said...

I'm glad you have Sherry to keep you from telling a fib about where you are. Sometime I think about us taking off on country roads, not telling anyone because we don't know where we're going. If we didn't come home I wonder how long it would take them to miss us. As soon as John's daughter needed a Wal*Mart card to buy cigarettes probably. I bet you and Sherry are experts on traveling now. When I was young I wanted to go places but my daddy wouldn't and then my husband wouldn't. Now that I am old I just want to be in my bed at night. Of course you two are in your bed but I always think of al the things that could happen. Guess I'm part chicken.

Lucy said...

I am with Paula on that part of being chicken. I have, I think always been a homebody. We went on vacation and I loved it but once headed home it was for the long haul. Drive all night just to get home. I think it is wonderful that you and Sherry are so compatible. I bet you already are getting itchy feet, ready to go. Lucy

shirl72 said...

We had a very unique family. We have always
gotten along. We are all different and I will
have to brag all had different talents. I traveled a lot with my husband he was an Aero-space Engineer. No I didn't go to the moon. We
will contribute our success to our wonderful
parents letting us be what we wanted to be. Now
two left Jack & Shirl. We miss our sister and
brothers but we are survivors. It is like Jack
and Shirl went up a hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down the hill and Shirl came tumbling down after him.


Jean said...

I think I will talk my husband into selling our home and get a motor one the only trouble is I would have to be the driver (don't trust his driving) and I don't think I would like driving something that big. Lol wouldn't work with him he likes to stay at home. Take care, jean

Sheila Y said...

You have me and my husband discussing retiring to a motor home. We would have to try it out first. And no, my parents (Jean) don't need to live out of a motor home, she'll be left him on the side of the road...ha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...long time no fault...sorry...and hubby and I looked for a year at RV's...had just about settled upon what we wanted...just something convenient for us to travel about and have our own bed at why didn't we buy....GAS PRICES SOARED....and we stepped back...not long after that hubby had open heart surgery...guess the good Lord was watching out for us...we then built this "granny/pappaw" apartment on the back of our house...altho I am a bit jealous of you and Sherry...(in a nice way)!!! glad we are where we are today!!! see you in a week...hugs...Ora

LYN said...


Terri said...

I love reading about how you came about living on the's so interesting...

Hope you enjoyed dinner out with Shirl!


Debbie said...

Last Friday I was stuck in traffic on the bypass waiting in the lane to get on 60E so I could head home. We were moving inch by inch I was about a mile away from my exit. The lane for turning on 60W was empty. Here come this motor home flying down that lane pretty as you please a few seconds later I see it on the road I'm trying to get on. And then right after that here comes a semi down that lane, look up and dang it there he was too. Aint no wonder our lane of traffic was sitting still. It's surprising that they didn't cause an accident. Too impatient to wait in line for their turn but I guess they figured their tranportation was bigger than ours so they didn't worry about it. I sure wouldn't want to take that chance of injuring someone else.