Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shirl's Day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIRL!!!!!!! Well today is the big day. Trash pick up day on our side of town. Oh yeah and Shirl’s BD.Fortunately we have a small bank and nice friendly folk. I dropped by to see Denise. I told her Shirl said it was all right if I got a little of the inheritance. She said, “Jack I would be afraid to give you more than a couple thousand without hearing it from her.”I asked if she could stretch he faith in me to four, and she said all right, as long as it is in the family. So tonight she can order what she wants!!!! LOL She doesn’t know it yet, but her Birthday present is her garden. I mulched the leaves and turned it, then raked the leaves I had mulched nest door and added them to the dirt. She has gone somewhere to dance and sing and cut a rug, whatever it takes to entertain Old Folk. We will go to the hospital and spend the night with Sonny. He has perked up some. I think I will take the lap top back tonight may do a little writing if Sonny is not real restless. Timing is terrible in hospitals. Sometimes when he is restless and finally calms down in a light sleep, the bright lights come on and a cheery voice says, “How are you doing Mr. Helms, time to check your blood pressure!” I know it is their job, but it is like getting mad at the weather man when he is wrong. We are looking forward to the great meal tonight. Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays to her, but some of you don’t have to mention I should help with the yard work. LOL I did trim the grass and cut the wild onions. And give the drive a blow dry. Thanks for coming this way.Nite ShipslogPS:COMMITTEE: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours. DUST: Mud with the juice squeezed out. EGOTIST: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation. HANDKERCHIEF: Cold Storage.


Sheila Y said...

Enjoy your meal out tonight...it might be your last when Shirl finds out about the money...ha. I went by her blog and wished her a Happy Birthday. You have to be nice to her all day today since it is her birthday. Have a great time, Sheila

Lucy said...

I wished her a happy Birthday on her blog also but I must sat, she is one pretty lady. n You be nice to her. That means till midnight.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shirl...you are a good big sister...Jack is still alive!!! that is proof enough for me LOLOL..and Jack...I was headed to Okinawa...not Tiawan...sheesh boy...turn your head another round...tighten it up a bit...LOL..and I just know you so enjoyed all that yard work...it scares me too...as we have started working our garden areas...oh boy...I have to keep thinking of all the good maters...and beans...and lettuce...it gets me thru it all LOLOL..hugs to ya boy....Ora in KY

shirl72 said...

Thanks for the Dinner at The Wood Shed and
the big birthday cake when we all got home.
Where ever they ordered the cake they got the
age turned backards. It shoud be 37 not 73. HA
I will go by the bank tomorrow and have a serious talk with Denise. What money you have
left would you deposit it back in the bank. LOL
I thought Terri and I had spend most of your
inhertance Shopping wonder where Denise found that extra.


Anonymous said...

Someone to turn the garden and add mulch sounds like a wonderful present to me! Happy B'day to Shirl.

Debbie said...

That was awful sweet of you to take Shirl out to eat with her own money and I see from her comment you even splurged and got her a birthday cake. What a wonderful brother you are to get Shirl's garden ready as a gift. I remember last year how you enjoyed her cherry tomatoes. I'm sure ya'll had a great time celebrating last night and hope you were able to relax before going back to the hospital.


Terri said...

I thought we had spent most of the inheritance too...I can't believe Denise let you have some... LOL

Glad ya'll had a great time at dinner for her birthday...and getting her garden ready was a wonderful gift!