Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My mama was a light bulb!

Mama ordered hers from the Sears and Roebuck Catalog.

Tonights exciting entry to the Shipslog. From our Home port!

Supposed to be warm tomorrow, I sure hope so. I have only had a few days of COLD and already I remember BIG TIME why I put wheels under the house we live in. Texas, Florida, New Mexico and Arizona for the winter for me. After hearing some LP and heating oil bills for this past winter, I can stay in Florida much cheaper than that. I heard someone bragging on this very Blogspot, they have had their A/C on near San Antonio lately. Shucks!!!
We got back from the hospital this evening, it was dark, but I think Sister Shirl has shoveled our snow off. Thanks Shirl. That is not a hint, that there is nothing stopping me from going is it? LOL. That was very sweet.
Oh yes, I noticed it is easy to spot the Floridians in bad weather, we are the only ones in Tennis shoes in the snow. Ha!
I thought of a few short stories while in the room waiting for Sonny to come back from dialysis.
You kinow turtles never see their mothers. They are buried in the sand as eggs. When they are born they must dig to the surface and start looking for food. Ain’t no mama there to get them food.

I was remembering the joy in our house when the mail man brought Mama her first chicks. They came in a pasteboard box that had holes in it. I could hear the little guys just cheeping away. They were so little, yellow and soft. Mama would take them out to the chicken house and put them in an incubator or brooder, don’t remember which was what. But there was a little 20 or 30 watt bulb in there. Those little chicks headed right to the light bulb. That was to be their mama for a few days until they grew up. Now I should be able to write a story about when Chicken Lil was young. Can’t use Chicken Little, someone beat me to it. Should be a story there somewhere! I sure enjoyed seeing those little guys in that small cage. Funny how that order of chicks kept us in eggs and chicken for a couple years. Times get bad, we all may have to do that again. I bet in Nebraska and New York and places COLD the mother was a 500 watt bulb. Hahahah! Of course all the zoning laws would have to be changed.
Nite Shipslog

Thanks for reading this Drivel.
I have printed these, but they bear repeating:Enjoy.......

I've learned .. That the best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.

I've learned .. That when you're in love, it shows.

I've learned .. That just one person saying to me, 'You've made my day!' makes my day.


Sheila Y said...

We had chickens when I was young, and we lived in town...ha. I hated to hear 'we're going to kill a chicken when you get home from school'. I also had to squat in the chicken pen when I had chicken pox and let them run the chickens over me. I don't know what kind of con they were running but I don't think it helped anything...ha. Take care, Sheila

Helen said...

I made a long comment but don't see it. Guess the gremlines ate it LOL Helen

shirl72 said...

I had never thought of how many different kind of Mama's they were. We never get a chance to see if the children turn out OK. Some or killed and some float out to sea. Oh my what a thought. I'm glad our Mama was a real Mama.


Bookncoffee said...

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Lucy said...

We had baby chicks usually a qite a lot and my dad had a stove in the chicken house and you could count on him to be out there day and night keeping them from smothering each other and tending the stove, and it eas so hot in there. Jack now you need not complain about Shirl and the snow, Southerners should aLWAYS BE PREPARED FOR any kind of weather just as we northerners are. I do believe yolu all will see more of that type of weather. I thinkl the pattern is chANGING. Some day It will be extremely cold there and yolu will have to winter in Ne. Lucy

Anonymous said...

Hey Jack...and Sherry too!!!! make me laugh when you southerners talk of the cold, wet, snowy, icy we will get up into the high sixties...and it has a good start already LOL..I grew up in Ohio...cold weather...and I so dislike cold weather...would be in Florida if I could pry hubby lose...he enjoys visiting...but doesn't want to live there...sheesh...I DO!!!!! am reading the "grateful" book...but I am slow...will re read a page sometimes...I think it is call "senior moments of concentration" LOL..not the best at this time of life!!???!! LOL...hang tough...hugs to you DO make my day!!!

Anonymous said...

PS...I don't remember where my Mom got her chicks from...but do remember it was always a fun day setting them up in the brooder we called it...almost as much fun as we kids had cleaning that brooder house...sheesh...I do believe during the wait for the chicks that brooder house was cleaner than our own house LOLOL...not so...guess it just seemed so!!! I love the fluffy yellow chicks...but I hated the monsters they grew into LOLOL...hugs to ya...Ora

betty said...

I remember one year we got baby chicks at Easter for some reason or another but then I'm not sure what happened to them (they may have gone to a relative's house who had a farm)

glad its warming up there for you; we get used to our warm weather and we don't like when it goes down that comfort zone of ours

hey, I started your new book; very good! you are definitely on to something here, Jack!! so far so much good advice you have there!


Paula said...

I didn't know that about turtles. Mama ordered a lot from Sears, Roebuck but I don't remember her ordering chickens. Don't know where she got them. She really liked turkeys and liked to hunt for their nest.

Debbie said...

It is 73 degrees here right now but we have rain coming in tonight. I didn't know that about turtles either. Yeah, it was exciting when Mom's new chicks arrived and you could peek in the holes and it was fun listening to them chirp. I always hated it when they were big enough to eat and we had to pluck the stinking feathers. But I had no problem getting past that part when the house smelled of good old fried chicken cooking, hahaha. I don't remember where Mom ordered her chicks at. My nephew owns 4 large commercial chicken houses. When we had the ice storm and lost power he had just got in a bunch of baby chicks to raise. He lived in the chicken houses day and night trying to make sure he didn't lose them. While his family was sitting in the house freezing he was in a comfortable 80 degrees, lol. They could have gone out there too but they didn't because with these chicken houses you have to be very careful that humans don't carry any diseases into them. It's a very large loss if that happens so my nephew doesn't allow very many to go in them.