Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everyone is talented.....

(shot from the motorhome) I cannot remember where we took this picture. Shippenwippit (?), Lancaster,PA or Missouri. But it is a familiar site around Amish/Mennonite country. They have learned to live around modern technology without using very much of it. They are know as talented Craftsmen. They are know in some circles for their cooking, I like it, but prefer some others.
Everyone has a talent.............................

Everyone is talented in one way or the other. Some skills that are not honed get rusty and then some talents are more public or apparent. I was thinking of my Brother Odis who was a craftsman. Occupationally he was a truck driver. He loved driving trucks. Uncle Hisure took him under his wing and taught him the ropes of trucking. Many of our extended family were truckers. Odis never tried to earn a lot of money from his talents, he was just proud of his product.

There was a funny family incident associated with the ships that he had won awards for building. I saw a special on TV once. All of a sudden there were my brothers ships on TV! BUT..There was another man narrating and describing each ship, not my brother. I never understood Od’s position until I lost my hearing, Odis had lost his hearing and when faced with the TV interview, he freaked out at the last minute, thinking of the questions he would be asked, he could not stomach saying huh? Or pardon me? So he just left the TV Crew. His friend filled in for him.

When I approached Odis wanting to know why he would not want to be on national TV, his statement was this: 'Do you now the guy’s name that told about the ships?' Of course I said, “no.” He looked at me and said, “Jackie, you remember the SHIPS and that is all I wanted, I would have been forgotten just as soon as Tom.”

Funny isn’t it? Stephen Foster died broke. He became world famous after his death. We now remember his songs.

Just lately, I learned of a famous woman poet whom I thought was famous in her time. But it was not until after her death that her poems were appreciated.(Her name escapes me now.)

I think most folks who are talented in some way would like to be ‘Famous’. But the true artist doesn’t care if they are famous or not, just so the product endures. Most of us do not like that scenario; we want the fame and fortune NOW!

There are millions of talented persons in the world. But when you get down to the exceptionally talented ones, the number goes way down.

I have always felt that our Twin Grandsons were exceptionally talented. I was shocked when they attended different colleges. They were featured in a large concert around HS graduation. One told me, ‘Grandpa you could get high off of that, everyone in the audience waving the lighted cell phones and yelling for more. I don't think that is something I want to do.’ He is majoring in computer science.

The other Twin would still like to be a ‘rock-star’, and has majored in music, and he is very good. Only time will tell if the talent is that good or he gets the breaks..I would assume the other twin would join him, but Traveling and entertaining is a rough life. (I hear from those who have done it.)

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Helen said...

I am getting pretty old and have yet to find my talent LOL. Helen

Lucy said...

I agree with Helen. I haven't found mine either except getting in trouble with someone. If no one else is available Spunky always is. lol Lucy

shirl72 said...

I think it just as bad to have talents and a master of none. My talents are floating out to
sea the older I get. I was so mad about that
TV appearance about Od's ship that I called the Station. I was showing pictures of the ship tonight to Smoky. I hope the kids are stll learning about USSNC in the media center.


Lucy said...

Jack and Sherri and Shirl, has it stopped raining?, The sun is shining today and it is a little warmer. Still a long way to go to feel like spring. Still glad I am not in Fargo. Lucy

Debbie said...

I haven't found my talent yet maybe somebody else will find it when I'm gone, lol.