Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today it was 'The Haven of Rest' and Sonny

As I was drawing, we had only one interruption, this lady kept standing trying to get Smokey to dance.

Notice the guy in the tie. It didn't take me but three minutes to put him to sleep! LOL

See, right off to drowzy land......

The picture came out well, for all the light around. I like it dark, you can hide a lot of mistakes in the dark. LOL

This picture is Moore's "The Haven of Rest". Shirl played and Sherry operated the lights.

Well today went well. Holy Angels is a Catholic School. Of course it is kin to the Belmont Abbey. There is an adult day care there and that is who I drew for today. I did the Haven of rest. Picture above.
George Moore wrote the Haven of Rest. This is the chorus:
I’ve anchored my soul in the "Haven of Rest,"
I’ll sail the wide seas no more
The tempest may sweep over wild, stormy, deep
In Jesus I’m safe evermore.......

In the program I do some trick drawings and talk a little. Then do the main picture.
It takes about 20-30 minutes to set up the drawing equipment. Shirl played the piano today, she requested I recite the verses rather than sing them.(I still do not know why?). LOL

Hope your day went well. We were over cast, and they are predicting rain tomorrow. After Holy Angels we drove over to see Sonny. My first time since catching the bug. I kept a distance because he certainly doesn’t need a cold.

I was happy and sad. He was up out of bed, the first time I have seen him up in a month. Sad because he said he was in constant terrible pain. There are still cob-webs in his head. Everything is not clear to him. He stopped the head nurse and asked how many more dialysis treatment he would have to have. She knelt down and tried to explain as well as she could that it would probably continue always, since his kidney was not functioning. He asked her what if I don’t want to go back? She said very kindly, Mr. Helms that is a very serious decision. You need to think of it very hard and discuss it with you family.

He said something to the affect, I don’t know whether I can do it or not. If you send prayers up, mention Sonny. Some of you have been there. I have been up and down nursing homes and VA hospitals where folks were outside their rooms looking forlorn and pitiful. It means more when it is YOURS that is in that wheel chair looking forlorn. It tears your heart out. But like I said, It is good to see him sitting up. Maybe the Physical Rehab will help the pain and he will only have to deal with the dialysis.
Thanks for coming this way!
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shirl72 said...

What a fun day and they are so appreciative. I
have come to know each of them since we entertain every Wenesday. They are very sweet people. Jack did a good job and they love
see him do his drawing.


Anonymous said...

No one really knows how rattling, how isolating(even with others around) and how terrifying each aspect of a terrible illness is. I hope Sonny gets whatever he truly wants at this stage. I will hope for that. This must be very hard for you as well. ~Mary

Paula said...

Nice of all three of you to try to bring a little happiness into people's life. I'm sending a prayer up for Sonny right now.

Sandra said...

Its so nice that you entertain the folks... My prayers are with your friend, at least to be free of the pain

Debbie said...

Jack, I know that your heart is aching for your friend/family Sonny because there isn't anything you can do to help him with his pain. I have to think that somehow Sonny may be saying that he doesn't know how to tell his children to let him go. Gary's Dad told us those exact words, "let me go". Those words made it easier when his Dad's time came for Gary to honor his wishes. After he passed away my Mom & Dad had a poem sent to our home titled "Let Me Go" and I cried like a baby when I read it. When I get a chance I'll email it to you. All of you are in my prayers because I know this isn't easy for any of you.

Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. You are the only one that notices the mistakes so don't sweat the small stuff. You did a great job. I remember when we all went to the home the night my Aunt and her kids played music and my cousin danced with Grandad and he grinned from ear to ear and laughed and the residents clapped their hands. Then when he was moved to another facility my Aunt and her kids went there to play music and we saw the joy on his face as the activities directer grabbed his wheelchair and gracefully danced around the room with him. It not only brought him joy but it did for the other residents and us too. One small little gesture can make a big difference.

This also reminds me of my buddy Dusty (Judy's nephew) who is in adult daycare and loves it. When he graduated high school he couldn't understand why he couldn't go back. His parents put him in adult daycare to give him a purpose in life and make him feel like he is an adult. I love the heck out of Dusty he says I'm the best babysitter he's ever had, he stayed with me at Judy's while his Mom went to church because large crowds make him really nervous. It was a joy to get to know him. My sister teases him and calls him her Valentine while she hugs him, he loves the attention. He calls my Dad, Uncle Harold and all of my brothers are his buddies. It's heartwarming.


Woody said...

Nice drawing, nice colors, I have all I can do to draw a stick figure!!! LoL!!!
Keep up the good stuff!!!!!!!

Lucy said...

Sorry I am behind on comments but I do love your drawings. I am just doing a lot of praying that this man I spoke with about my cr. card will really do it. I saw ahen I pullled up my account it is over 600.00. that I did not make. Just not a happy camper.

Terri said...

Keeping Sonny in my prayers...

Jack your drawing is just beautiful...great job!