Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As the Worm Turns.....

This is Allura Lynn now, the lower picture is much younger (ha!).
This is my 'nephew' William in the space capsule, at cape canaveral.

Here are the twins after building twin Bird houses. In my basement workshop (a few years ago of course) Did I tell you they graduate from COLLEGE this year? If I didn't, they do!

This is Allura, the latest Grreat Grand daugter, She should be getting big my now. Born to Corey and Amanda.

NOW For today's April fool entry....

This is April’s Fool Day. It is the day that the ‘mean worm’ is supposed to eat our computers. So are you turning yours on today? I am not sure. But I did down load my latest files of ‘Toby’s Tales’ and ‘S’gar’.
Dishonest folks can make life uncomfortable, and I don’t know what they get out of it. I guess they get kicks out or it like some unfeeling kids like to catch insects, and instead of killing them they like to pull the legs off. So I may be on April first, I don’t know. I am writing this at 11:30PM, am I pushing it?
April fools jokes were funny in school. I can’t remember too many but I remember it being fun. Sherry still remembers when we were stationed at Norfolk and Lennie (her big sister) came to visit. She was standing at the window of our little trailer and said, “come look at this Big pink rabbit, I can’t believe this!” Sherry ran to the window and got an, ‘April’s Fool”. Lennie has been gone for years but there hasn’t been an April first that she has not thought of her big sister.
I hope that the Worm virus is a joke. Now as I understand it, folks like Mico-soft , apple, etc would like to catch this guy (group) who has manufactured this virus. They say the bad guy will have to send or receive instructions from the virus. The good smart guys are leaning over with their electronic ears as many places as possible to try to get a hint of communications. Because if they get it and can trace it back to it’s origin, BAM, they have the bad guys. Not that simple but that is what is happening. I hope they catch the guy who dreamed this up.

Anyway, I have grown to enjoy a computer, not only for you wonderful friends out there, but I can write a book in the comfort of the motor home. I can transmit it to California to have it printed and make a cover on the computer and send it. 5-8 days later I have a proof to look at. If corrections must be made (Ha on the if) I can make them in few minutes and repeat the process. When all corrections are made, they send me an order I have it in a week. I haven’t left the comfort of my motor home, is that great? Now I don’t need a virus to interrupt that!@!!
Thanks for coming and standing up to a mean virus.

Nite Shipslog
PS: No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size.

Government programs, once launched, never disappear.

Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.

Protecting the rights of even the least individual among us is basically the only excuse the government has for even existing.


Lucy said...

What a cutie that baby is. I really don't have much to lose right now if the worm invades or not. So I turned it on. CNN said that it could just sit in wAIT ALSO SO IT COULD HAPPEN DAYS FROM NOW OR NOT AT ALL.

shirl72 said...

Well I hope the worm leaves me alone. So far
everything OK. That is someting you can write
a book and never leave your chair. Keep on writing. You are headed for the big time


Sheila Y said...

Another cute g-grandaughter, lucky you. I'm sure the folks at Holy Angels enjoyed your visit. Thanks for the nice comments about my Dad. Have a great day, Sheila

Ally Lifewithally said...

Your G~Grandaughter is beautiful ~ I didn't have any computer problems I am glad to say ~ Ally x

Jean said...

Your g-granddaughter is so pretty I know you and Sherry are so proud of her. I haven't had any computer problems so far, lol. Take care, jean

Debbie said...

Well I don't guess the worm got me. My computer is working I was having problems with my email earlier in the week not wanting to work and when it did decide to work it would send my emails back saying permanent error. It was probably just my internet service provider or maybe because I've had my computer 8 years, it can't last much longer.

Your great daughter is a cutie.