Sunday, April 19, 2009



We went to a party last night at my friend Ed’s house. He fixed spaghetti, garlic bread with salad and had peach cobbler for dessert. The meal was delicious. There were five couples at the party. After dinner we just visited. There were two good guitar pickers there so Ed got out his guitar. Smokey was the only one who would play after everybody insisted.
He picked and sang. Smoke, as he is called, did a couple funny ditties and a couple country songs.
Some of us played the card game ‘golf’. Are you familiar with it? It had been a very long time since I had played, it took a few minutes before I got oriented. I liked the game. It was one we used to play when we visited with our good friends from Maine, Al & Judy. It was always fun playing with Al. He kept odds in his head and talked them out toward the end of a game, naming the cards that had been played and the chances of drawing what he wanted. I would always try to remember the cards that had been played, but I forgot after several plays. Someone’s ability to remember cards has always amazed me.
Jim was there and talked a little about gambling with cards. He said if you are in a card game and do not know who the ‘mark’ (sucker) is, it is YOU. That is probably an old joke or rule, I have just never heard it.
WE had a little in common, he had lived in Pascagoula for a couple years working on an oil rig, or for an oil company. He moved there about the time Ray Stevens came out with the ‘Squirrel’ (in church) song. WE lived in Biloxi for a couple years which is just down the road (west) of Pascagoula. We also spent a week in Pascagoula after Katrina, doing some volunteer work.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog.
PS: The lady in the previous picture was Jane Withers, she represented ‘Comet Cleansers’ as the comet lady for a long time. She was the most famous child actor in the 30’s & 40’s.
Thanks for the help, Dewey(cousin) just wanted me to guess, so I asked your help. He said she is a very sweet lady.


Lucy said...

I just lost my comment. You just took off right in the middle of a sentence. I uninstalled AOL and will deal with billing tomorrow or maybe time warner cable will since they hooked me up with them. Sounds like a good time was had by all. As long as i CAN GET MY BLOG I won't go back to them.

shirl72 said...

I didn't know the lady. He is always doing this
he hangs around where all the old stars eat.
We did have a good time at Ed's. A good meal
and a fun time. I guess it is getting close for me to have a party. I think my last one was Christmas. We usually go around.


Paula said...

John can do that in dominoes. Remember who played what and etc. Wow your cousin hob knobs with movie stars? I knew the lady looked familiar but my memory is shot.

Helen said...

Sounds like you all had good eats and a great time last night. Helen

Sheila Y said...

The meal sounded good, I love spaghetti. I'll have to look up how to play 'golf' with cards. Might be something we would enjoy playing. Take care, Sheila

Debbie said...

I'm glad you all got together and had a good time. By any chance did ya save me some of that peach cobbler? I've never heard of that card game but I haven't played cards in years and wouldn't know how to play any of them now.

Whatever has been causing our computer problems must have took a nap. So far tonight it hasn't locked up on me. I've got my fingers crossed it doesn't come back.