Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pictures of the new Drive way

The beginning of the new drive, That is a concrete Black Cocker spaniel on top of the rock mail boxes. My favorite dog when I was a kid. I called him Ace.

Continuing down the side of the upper 'CONDO'

This is the back, you can see our motor home on the other side of the fence. The Pine needles cover a multitude of sins.


Lucy said...

Nice looking driveway. I like all the plants and her little garden. Don't use sour milk. Tell Sherry to bake a chocolate cake with it.

Paula said...

Neat looking driveway. Everything looks so pretty and green there. Bet John's cows would love it there but then cow patties wouldn't look so pretty on that driveway.

Terri said...

The driveway looks great!

Hope ya'll have a good weekend...

In the 80's here...lovin it!