Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Nostalgia time, Oldest son Jack and his boys. The two in the back are Josh and Steve (Josh on the left) The guy with RED hair is Corey and the cute guy in front is BEN. Here we have Sherece (OUR grand daughter) in a serious conversation. With Jessica, Sonny's grand daughter in the back ground.
Now for Today...................

I met the City council last night. The chambers were crowded. The mayor let me speak second. It went well. I knew all the councilmen except the new mayor and a Martha Stowe who is new to me. I joked with the city attorney. “I know you think I can’t write after the first contract I brought to you?”
“Oh yeah, I remember. It was more whiteout than typing.”
He joked at the time and asked, if I owned interest in White-out. HA! I learned better.

This morning we met Daphne of the Gazette. It was a short interview, about thirty minutes. The story will probably run (if it does) on a slack news day. Daphne was a sweet girl, she talks very low, ha! Of course when you are deaf, not many folks talk loud enough. Sherry interceded for me and all worked out.

One councilman had read Sticky and wanted to know what all was true. I said the fact that Sticky is a great guy.

The biggie for the day was Lee of Robco Paving showed up to start the paving job we contracted. They have the drive ready for asphalt now, but it will be too cold to lay any. They need warm sunny weather (so they say), none in the immediate future.

One of Sherry’s friends, Grethern, came down today. They had a lot to talk about, so they went to lunch. Unusual for Sherry and I to be separated. I stayed here to play with Lee and the boys as they got the drive ready. Give the girls time to talk about their (old) love lives. The construction industry is still in my blood and I like to be around to talk to the men who are working. (I don't have to listen to the old love lives, I got her, the rest can eat their hearts out!!!)

Thanks for coming by the log.
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PS: We spend the night with Sonny again tonight, it is supposed to get down pretty low here tonight, near freezing (that is cold for here).

I thought of the hat and cutting grass, shucks I never thought anyone would notice and I thought I looked heavy in a couple pictures myself.

Those were photo ops. I really did not cut the grass, I just wanted my picture on the Shirl’s Toro, and forgot my hat!!!!


shirl72 said...

It is hard to think back and see everyone is so
young. Looks like the guys are working hard on the driveway. Glad Sherry had a good visit with
her friend.


Paula said...

All the little kids are so cute. I have a Corey grandson but he isn't redheaded Cody is. His hairisn't as red as it was when he was little. I think it is so nice that you and Sherry stay together at the hospital with Sonny.

Debbie said...

Heck no Jack, I didn't notice you not having your hat on because of the sun reflecting off of your shining head of peach fuzz. Notice I did not say that four letter dirty word that starts with a B & ends with a D, hahaha.

I'm glad your meeting and interview went well. Also glad Sherry was able to have lunch with an old friend.

I hope Sonny is doing better and all of you have a restful night.


Lucy said...

Sounds like you have been a busy man. Noiw down to the nitty gritty, were you just "looking heavy" or have you gained an pound or 2. Adorable kids. Lucy

Sheila Y said...

Lots of cute kids. I hope you supervised them well on the drive. Hopefully you won't have to wait long for warm weather. Take care, Sheila